Check Out Akshay Kumar House In Juhu. Address, House Cost, And More Details Inside.

By TabloidXO


The living room of the house is the best room that is very aesthetic. The room has a pendant light installed into it and a small indoor pond with antique silver candle stands and a table made of brass and glass.



The house along with being spacious and being able to provide as much nature as possible also has a study room that is full of books. The room has been set up to with things to give an antique look to the room.


The house has a beautiful front garden where the family spend most of their time. The garden has been done keeping in mind what a perfect outdoor garden should look like and is the perfect place for a mini-picnic and the best time to spend a lazy morning.




The Kumar's love ethnicity. They have a room which is full of different patterns and paints and upholstery that will make your eye-catch every detail of it.


From choosing what shape the furniture should be to what colour of the wall should be for a particular room, the entire house is like the perfect mansion one dreams to own one day.



Akshay Kumar house has a play room where Akshay and daughter play with toys together.