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We the TabloidXO, the passionate media company of every proud Indian. We create content that Young Peeps love to read. We try and weave every single word into phrases which makes it the most fascinating article on the web. Clap2Ram Media has its publication, TabloidXO. We create stories that will make our readers Proud, Happy and Satisfied.

What We Want

We are here to provide you a good quality content that you all will be fond of.
Content that will make you demand more. We are here to provide you with content that is

Entertainment (Engaging)
Entertainment (Emotional)
Entertainment (Action Packed).

It's you who is making us proud, It's you who is going to make us the most engaging media company.

What We Do Not Want

TabloidXO Does not want its readers to Tick off their minds, So that's why we are effortlessly making enthralling content that Young India likes.
And that means we love you all like we love our work.

"Enjoyment Maangta Hai!!"

Our Blue-Sky Team

We started in January 2018.
Currently we are having a pool of Creative Content Writers who are putting their endless efforts to make amazing content that will surely go to make you crave for more, and we are ready to serve you.
Your continuous love is all that we need.

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