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Hosting A House Party? The Top 10 Ideas Are A Click Away!

Date: 2018-07-16 12:04:05

By Erica

For a house party, you need a space - in a house. To make the party more lively you'll need:

■ Food - A lot
■ Drinks - a lot!
■ Lights and lanterns: Make it look magical
■ Huge balloons: Get those huge ones that Spell out your party
■ Throw some glitter: Actually, make it rain. Shower your guests with glitter all over
■ The lighting: Unless you are having kids over, avoid keeping the lights too bright. Dim them, create a nice party vibe.

It is not at all tough if you got the above under control. Now, you need a theme.

Here are a few fun house party ideas you could give a shot!

1. Dj party


What's better than blasting music through the speakers? The Dj will keep the party going until the cops break down the door.

2. Game night


Host a game night! Right from the entrance to the backyard, engage the crowd in a dance-off, blindfolded makeup, ping pong, suck and blow (using cards), chugging milk, calling the names of as many people as they know.

3. Crossdressing


Dress codes parties never go out of style. Get the crowd to enter the house only if they are dressed as the opposite gender. Men wear skirts and dresses and women dress in suits or other stuff men wear.

4. Hit the pinata


A pinata is a container made of paper, cloth and filled with toys and goodies. A person will be blindfolded and handed a bat. He/she has to try and hit the pinata till it breaks.

This would go really well with a crowd cheering on. You could take it to the next level and have a huge one for everyone because you don't want one pinata and people fighting over who gets the bat, right?

Check the video:

Here's the guide to make Pinata.

5. Only singles allowed


A singles party. Leave the missus behind, fella! With all singles waltzing around the party, it will be anything but boring.

6. Retro house party


The 60's, 70's, 80's were the best years, weren't they? How about getting into the groove and doing the Disco for a night? Costumes, decorations and food must be according to theme to get the real feel.

7. Pizza party


No other food but pizza. The walls will have Pizza For Life posters, there could be food fights arranged and coca-cola could be the drink you serve.

8. Mix and mingle party


Every guest has to bring one person they don't really know well along for this party. This gives both of them a chance to interact with each other and other people.

9. Mad hatter


No hat? Go home!
Everybody crashing the party has to wear a hat. Crazier the better. You could keep a special prize for the weirdest hat in the end.

10. I got no service tonight


At the entrance, every single person submits their phone and collects it on their way out. This was people get a chance to actually socialize and talk! there is no texting, double tapping, searching for bars, dog filtered pictures of the night.

It will all be a beautiful memory.

Now that you got the ideas, tips and list of requirements bet you anything that you are in the party mood right now!

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