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After Watching Deadpool And Spiderman Dance On Ranveer Singh Khalibali Song, You Will Shake Your Legs Too

Date: 2018-05-19 15:17:11

By TabloidXO Writers

We all have seen the Ranveer Singh Jaadui-Thumkas in the Padmaavat movie. But how can we forget the badass dance which he did on Khalibali Hogaya Hai Dil.

And truly humara Dil Khalibali Hogaya Tha Ranveer!!

Our eyes were already not over with the boogie-woogie dance of Ranveer Singh, and what we got on the internet is mind-boggling, Deadpool and Spiderman are dancing together on his song!!!

Really? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.


Ranveer Singh popularity has gone to a whole new different level, After voicing Ryan Reynolds character in Deadpool 2. And I have to say - He is an eccentric powerhouse of talent, charm, and all the good things.

Look at them, they are enjoying the song so much, and why not!! After all it's our Praa Ranveer Singh song, Energy To Apne Ap Ajayegi.

I hope, You all have already had a glimpse of Deadpool2 Hindi trailer which was released recently on YouTube. If you did not then seriously you are living under a rock. Don't wait just see the trailer right here.



This was hilarious after seeing them dancing. Although they danced really well, But my heart is always down for Ranveer Singh and his *Thumkas*

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