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8 Types Of Girls You Will See At Every Indian Wedding.

Date: 2019-09-13 17:31:41

By Manveen

Indian weddings in a sense are like a complete market. There is food, fashion, music, gossip and different types of people. Indian weddings live to define the meaning of full house drama. But keeping the bigger picture aside and focusing on the one category here, which is the female one, there are so many of them in general that even a category will have subcategory and those subcategories will have a thousand more divisions but keeping the research circle small and easy we will look at 8 types of girls you will see at every Indian wedding:

1. Indian girl wedding + Extra everything.

There was a meme on Meghan Markle when she got married on how in India the brides' sister is more dressed than Meghan Markle and this category just lives to define that. From over the top makeup to a bridal lehenga (wedding dress) herself, she will go way far to look like she is in her own wedding.

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2. The "I live for Instagram and Snapchat".

These girls are present pretty much everywhere but they will cover each and every corner of the wedding venue with their Snapchat. Instead of hiring a photographer, they should have hired these girls and could have gotten photos for their wedding for free.

3. Indian wedding is incomplete if a girl Gossip monger is not present.

These girls enter with gossip, share gossip, spread gossip like black plague and leave the venue with gifts as well as more gossip. The sole reason why she came in the first place was to engage in conversations where she can learn and reveal about more people

4. Girls at the wedding are only there for the food

They don't care and never have and probably would not even mind walking in their jeans to a wedding because makeup and fashion are secondary to them and food is primary.

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5. The "I hate socializing".

These ones are probably dragged to the wedding by their family members so that they can go and socialize and not waste their existence away in front of a screen in a room. Every conversation for them is awkward and the moment people start calling them to the dance floor, it is a nightmare for them.

6. Aunty-ji-Uncle-ji on repeat.

This category has their good girl game at the wedding so strong, their "yes aunty, no aunty, hello aunty" is playing on repeat. This is also the same category that everybody expects to get married because of their A1 pleasing skills.


7. The one with all eyes on her.

There is this one girl in every Indian wedding who either gets the memo wrong or forgets that Indians are judgemental and that the length of her blouse is inviting all the stares but the advantage they have is that probably the desi folks are not keen on getting this lot married. Good job girls, you cracked the code.

8. Manager.

These kinda girls are hardworking, they are managing something or the other at the wedding, talking to everybody and ensuring that everybody has eaten and danced. Loving nurturers!

Indian girls rocks!


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