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What Will Be Your Relationship Status In 2022? Take This Quiz.

Date: 2021-05-26 17:41:10

By TabloidXO

We are more excited than you to know your relationship status in 2021. Do tell us your quiz result in the comments section.

am i ready to be in relationship

Ques 1: Did you found someone yet?



Still Searching

Ques 2: If someone approaches you for a date and you said yes, how are you going to dress yourself?

I will wear whatever I see first in my closet

I will find the sexiest outfit

Regular Outfit, It's just a date

Ques 3: You have fallen for someone, now what next?

I will hide my feelings

I will tell them directly because I don't want miscommunications,

I can never fall for anyone

Ques 4: Ever been in a relationship before?



Countless times

Ques 5: Have you made an account on any dating app?



Deleted it after getting no real bond

Ques 6: How long you want your relationship to last?

3 months

1 year


Ques 7: Do you feel bad when you see other couples?

Yes, BIG time

No, NEVER, couples acts foolish sometimes

Sometimes :-(

Ques 8: Describe yourself:




Ques 9: Could you be in a relationship with someone who smokes cigarettes?



Depends, if they are rich then I can compromise

Ques 10: Imagine you went on a date, later your crush said they will call you tomorrow but they haven't, How will you react?

What's the big deal, I will call them before any confusion surface.

I will ignore

I will start overthinking


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