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10 New Year Resolution We Make To Break In 2023

Date: 2022-01-03 13:13:30

By Erica

It is easy to make New Year Resolutions. I can make 10. We make New Year Resolutions with the intention of changing the way we do things. But it is not so easy keeping them. Resolutions are made fun of because like many other trends it is one too and people are so bad at keeping them. Bearing this in mind,
I made a list of the top ten resolutions we make only to end up breaking.
Which are they?
And why do we break them? Are both written below.

1. Cooking classes, check.


But...the kitchen has too many utensils and the gas knob is confusing. What if I burn the house down?

2. Dieting starts.


Monday yoga, Tuesday oatmeal, Wednesday jogging, Thursday salad. But....yaar, humse na ho payega.

3. Gym membership le lunga.


I have to live healthy. But...chod yaar. Aaj ladkiyan dil dekhti hai na? Nahi?

4. New Year Resolution for students is, No to chocolates!


Paise bacch jayenge, motapa kum hojayega. But...it is an antidepressant.

5. From not I will buy only one outfit a month.


I shop too much. But.... if I stop, brand loyalty ka kya hoga? They'll miss me. Oh SALE!!!

6. Another New Year Resolution for studentsis, No more relationships. Pyaar dhoka hai! Sirf Padhai pe focus karna hai.


Nobody takes relationships seriously. No more love shuv. But... aaj usne meri taraf dekh ke smile diya. Pehla nasha wala gaana background music jaise chal raha hai. Shyaad pyaar hogaya hai.

7. No more confession pages. It's all rubbish.


I don't care what others say. I love myself. But...it's trending!

8. New year, new me. No more gossip.


This gossip and rumour mill has to stop. It is demeaning. Every person has their own story. But...maine suna ki last weekend woh log bahar gaye the to party and Rashi might be...you know what I mean. But kisiko batana mat

9. I will try not to be sarcastic. I should respect what others have to say


Listening, listening, listening, But...itna funny story bhi nahi tha. Luckily kisi comedy show pe nahi gaya tha, beizzati kar ke aajata.

10. I will save money this year


But if I save, I won't spend. If I won't spend, products won't sell. If products don't sell, sales will drop. If sales drop, companies might stop producing products. If production stops and companies face loss, employees will loose their jobs.

Mere wajah se kisi ka job chala jaye? Na baba. I'm spending for the betterment of the world.

Here we have it. The top 10 New Year Resolutions. Which one did you decide to make and break?

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