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11 Things Your Dog Does And What They Think When You Do These Stuff With Them

Date: 2018-07-12 14:40:03

By Abhishek

1. Whenever you say Chalo/Lets go/Utho to your dog and he stands straight in front of the main gate, ready with his collar strap, wagging his tail.

Dog: Yay, It's time to meet my friends. It's the best time of the day for my tummy.


2. They come to you for early morning kisses and starts licking your face and legs.

Dog: It's just my way of showing love in the morning. And also, another reason is, I don't want you to get scolding from mom for waking late.


3. When you show them their favorite dish and their tail is wagging left, right, up, down in all directions.

Dog: Finally... I am getting my reward for being a cute obedient dog... hain na hain na hain na, pat on my shoulder...yay!!


4. When the dog friends (the other dogs) come to the house to meet.

Dog: Here comes my gang, come, sit anywhere you want but not on the sofa, we purchased it a short while ago. If you want some water, you can have it from my bowl - let's bond.


5. While they pee on the same spot where the other dog has urinated.

Dog: I am the boss of this entire locality, who the fuck did it on my place.


6. While taking a bath, Trust me, they are really cursing you

Dog: I thought we were friends!! This is how you treat your loyal friend? And what's this porcupine style you are doing with my hair, it's too old fashion!!


7. It's time to get the dog to the vet and the dog is excited because the dog doesn't know where we are going

Dog: It's party, It's party....Oh my holy god!! No I am not going, leave me alone. I have lost my faith in you.


8. When they broke something in the kitchen.

Dog: No, it's not me, I was catching the cat - she entered without our permission. Ok sorry... I wanted that cream biscuit. So can I get now??


9. When they are waiting patiently for the meal outside the kitchen.

Dog: I hope mom made something not so regular this time, I think she has made egg curry for me...only for me - I am not sharing with anyone. Thank You Maa, I will never break your glasses again!!


10. When you are massaging the belly of your pooch

Dog: That feels like I am in heaven...I wish if you could get it all through my life.


11. When you are upset and sitting in the corner of the room

Dog: I know you are upset I can feel that. Give me the name of that ass who made you sad, I will bite his ass hard as ever.
You know what I can't see you sad, so please smile...Okay, I am not going to scare your girlfriend next time... Now smile.


We can't understand what they say but we can understand through their gestures. Their love for us is boundless and we can't thank them enough for making our life the happiest place on the earth.

And if you don't have one. I hope this article will make you think about getting or adopting one.

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