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12 Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriend Or Girlfriend.

Date: 2017-12-27 16:27:51

By Erica

You don't need a reason to celebrate love.
You don't need a reason to appreciate someone
You can do it anytime, any day
You can do it anywhere and everywhere.

Sometimes it gets so hard to come up with a gift ideas because people all around the world post pictures and videos, expectations have reached a point where a man bought 99 iPhone 6S and proposed to a girl. She rejected him. That's the saddest story I ever heard.

If I would have got that much money... I would've done it great justice. Honestly.

To keep couples up to date with how to express your love on any given day, here are a few gift ideas for boyfriend or girlfriend from my personal box of wisdom and a little help from the internet. Don't worry, keep that wallet far far away. These are simple DIY (do it yourself) ideas or handmade gifts for boyfriend you can easily make.

1.A scrapbook

I stay in a hostel. I see what extremes girls in love go to, to make their boyfriend smile. Scrapbooks are a very good idea. You can be creative, write songs, poems, paragraphs why they rule your heart, reasons why you love him/her and you can stick pictures too. You can buy a ready-made scrapbook or take a bunch of colored papers and spiral bind it. Both look awesome.

It takes a lot of patience and time.


2. Reasons why.

Take a pack of playing cards and use it to tell your boyfriend/ girlfriend why :

You think they are 'THE ONE'?
You are in love?
How he/she changed your life?
Why you never want to lose this love?

Demands precision and good handwriting


3. Jar of Hearts

All you need is colored paper and a glass jar. You can make it a lyrics jar, a jar of hearts for all the days you've loved each other. A mix is a good idea too.


Warning: It's glass. It might break, easily.

4. Hearts on a straw

Take a few straws and stick hearts cut out of paper. Write messages at the back and stick it on one end. You can wrap a wire around the straw and dip the straw in glitter. ( or Vice versa). For a final touch, take a rectangular piece of sponge and poke them through. This way it can be kept on a table, stand or showcase.


5. Love letters

Stick to the classic. You might think of it as outdated and forgotten. It is not. Love letters will lever go out of style. Posting pictures online with captions is all well and good. This one will impress your lover.


6. Sticky love notes

Super easy to make, right?

sticky notes and write your cute little messages. You can stick them in the shape of a heart or first letter of either of your names.


7. The heartbeat

Make a poster of your heartbeat with a beautiful quote. You could use a postcard or thick card paper.


8. All your firsts

Don't worry if you don't have a picture of each memory. You can write it and put a snap of you two with it. You can make this a collage, a poster or a book.


9. Dates I know by heart

You write the dates that are special to you and circle them.


10. A keychain with a message

If your partner loves quirky messages, try this.


11. Surprises!

Out with gift wrapping, in with balloons. Hide gifts inside balloons and watch your partner get excited about bursting them.


12. A message

If you do not have tiny boxes of sweets or mint, you can use newspaper. Cut out certain words and letters to make them stand out.


Now that you got 12 ideas what are you waiting for? Get on with any one of them and surprise your love! Always remember to make the one you love feel special. You are the one person they are not afraid to be real with. Appreciate that. Appreciate their love, smile, existence always.

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