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Girls, Are You Getting Friend Zoned A Lot? Here's Your Stairway To The Escape!

Date: 2018-04-12 12:13:41

By Erica

The worst thing other than home-work and Donald Trump's election is the Friend-zone. But that wasn't enough. Now boys have started making girls their sisters.

I don't need to take a public vote to know I'm right. It sucks isn't it? Before we knew of three worlds : Heaven, Earth and hell. I am not going debate if the afterlife exists or not, but then came the Friendzone. Now that zone is out of fashion and we have the Sister-zone.

I have experienced it myself and so has more than half the population of India. So, if anyone is currently residing in that zone here are things you should've done:

1. Keep your mouth shut

What he doesn't know won't hurt. If he knows you have no feelings he cannot say, 'lekin tu toh meri behen hai'. Even if you have to make awkward conversations to avoid answering the dreadful question he asks, "do you have a crush on any guy?"

2. No Rakhi-Shaki

Make it clear in the very beginning of a friendship that you do not believe in making random guys your brother. That never works. You either remain, close friends, lovers in secret or worse call his girlfriend 'bhabhi.'

3. Interested hai bhi ya nahi

Find out if he is interested in you that way. Ask him questions. Make him imagine scenarios. Play kiss, marry and kill. Give him three options and your name is one of them. Pay attention to how much and how little he shares with you.

4. But before that, do a background check

Is he the type who makes girls his sisters first and then dates them? That is messed up, but you might not have such a problem then, right? Is the type to love 'em and leave 'em? Or is he the type who likes you that way?

5. Don't suggest the idea

Remember that jokes and stupid suggestions are separated by a very thin line. Sometimes you might end up suggesting the idea when talking about a girl and he will think you want to be his sister.

6. Don't get bossy and choosy

If you suggest potential dates to him and tell him which girls he shouldn't date and get jealous 'in a cute way' when he goes out with other girls, he will treat you like a sister. He will think of himself as an elder brother and you the little sister who gets jealous when she doesn't get her bro's attention.

7. If you are an only child

Cry about not having a brother once. That's it. if you talk about it too much, he might start thinking them as signs. I know boys don't think a lot, but still. Stay far away from the risk.

8. Make an effort

Look good in whatever you wear. Dress to impress. This is one way which will make him see you as a hot, desirable girl and not a little sister.

9. "Meri behen jaisi hai"

Don't let such statements pass. Don't nod your head and think 'maybe he just said it'. he meant it, that's why he said it. Stop him right there and tell him he is your good friend.

10. Can you bring out that flirt in you? That'd be great

There is nothing wrong with flirting. Friends can flirt. It's healthy. At least I think so. Don't go all out and tell him you want to have his kids. Control that train of thought. Keep it light. If he responds positively, you can always escalate it.

11. Don't hold back

Talk. not only about family and how the class was so boring. Talk about your secret fantasies. I don't mean living in a chocolate factory. I mean, 'doing it' in a chocolate factory. If you can discuss such things, you can discuss anything. there won't be any embarrassment and if he isn't into it. Don't push. Try some other topics. Choose one of Karan Singh Grover's movies.

12. Rules of attraction

This one is from my pool of awesomeness and experience. Say it when you mean it. Say it only when you know for sure that there is no other girl in the picture.

Obviously, the teens of today have serious issues. I have no idea since when making some stranger your sister/brother started trending. But it sucks! People have got to stop. It's insane because months down the road, you end up dating your brother/sister. Make it less cringe-worthy for everyone and just stay friends.
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