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12 Things To Do If You Hate Valentine's Day.

Date: 2018-01-21 01:29:55

By Erica

Few days to go until we celebrate love day. Single or not, some people just don't see what's the big deal about celebrating Valentine's day. I certainly believe in celebrating love every day but why to over rate 14th February? So, if you are not a huge fan of lover's day, I've got some suggestions for you:


1. Wear Black.


It goes to show how uninterested you are. With everyone shuffling around in red and pink and white, stick to black. My friends and I did this last year and it felt pretty good to openly show how repelled we were by this. In case you are worried, the clothe didn't really stop anyone from giving them flowers.

2. Go to a Free party.


There will be a whole lot of parties happening in the city. Take advantage of them and barge in. Have a good time.

3. Date with the Scariest Movie.


Binge watch the scariest shows and movies you can find. If you got no Netflix, you got Amazon Prime.

4. Roll your eyes every time you see something red and pink.


To be your most hated colors soon after this day is over.

5. You try to find out what did St. Valentine actually do, and now if you do not even heard this name existed now you will start google it.


Like, why is it such a big deal?

6. Hate going to restaurants


Suddenly, the prices of every single item shoots up in honor of Valentine's day.

7. Even some couples are not a huge fan.


God bless you, grownups!

8. You cannot scroll through Instagram without saying, "ugh!" every now and then.


I mean, I get you are all hyped up but don't post pictures of the things you do when you are alone.

9. PDA alert!


10. You will willingly make people uncomfortable.


You will stare, sit too close and even ask absurd questions just to annoy them.

11. I'm single, find me someone to kiss!


It's the best time. You aren't the only buzzkill out there for sure. You will bump into someone who is anti- love.

12. Ask couples - why?!


Like why would you waste hundred rose petals on a bed and the floor? Why would you wear matching clothes? Why would you write huge paragraphs and call them captions? Why do you have to celebrate one week of 'there-goes-my-money!'

To all those who are excited about 14th February. Good for you. But don't force us haters to third wheel and stop being a cry baby. Trust us, we can have double the fun. We don't have to love the holiday for that.

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