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Dear 'Sunday' Everybody Loves You, But Here Is The Real Reason Why We Hate You 'monday'

Date: 2018-03-23 14:05:02

By Raunak

Aye le,
phir aa gaya tu sir utha ke
Dum lega kya, meri jaan kha ke
Khoon choosne tu aaya khoon choosne
Bloody khooni monday kyun aaya khoon choosne??

I heard someone shout "I love Mondays!" I instantly realized I was dreaming because come on, it goes unsaid that real people who love Mondays are either dead or yet unborn. Find me someone who disagrees!!

Although there is no need be, but here are some reasons why everybody hates Mondays! Yes guys, Monday blues is actually a thing.

1. Because it comes after Sundays

2. Its literally just the beginning of more such days

3. You have not recovered from the Sunday hangover

4. New assignments and projects given

5. Old projects and homework submissions

6. It is six days away from Sunday

7. You have to wake up earlyyy

8. You wake up to "why Monday suck" posts and memes on social media

9. You're just not ready yet for another week.

10. Because you spent your weekend partying and now you realize you need to sleep, but SHIT, its Monday already!

11. You wasted Sunday thinking what do to...and BAMM! Times up!

12. You constantly compare Mondays to Sundays

13. Everybody around you hates Mondays just as much. So there's no motivation or enthusiasm in the air. You're all just walking dead.
Tu ja re, ja re, ja kabootar ja..
Main nahi jaana, main nahi jaana
Main nahi jaana bistar ko chhod ke
Khoon choos le tu mera khoon choos le
Bloody khooni monday tu chahe khoon choos le

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