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These 13 Problems You All Face While Abusing Your Friends

Date: 2018-04-18 18:13:54

By Abhishek

In India,
Hello, Hi, How Are You = Aur BC!!!

These words are common among every Indian. The words have become an integral part of our life. Whether you are sad, happy, excited, angry, shocked...these words will automatically come to your mouth.

There are some moments we wish we could control our cuss mouth, But you can't, "Kyoki... Ki Kara yaar Control Hi Ni Hounda". So here are some struggles which we all had gone through while abusing.

1. Before speaking, you check north, south, east, west all the directions, "Ki Koi Aa To Nahi Raha". You are double alert before you utter anything harsh.

2. You try to talk less because you know, if you start talking, you will end up chatting solo.

3. You try every possible way not to abuse in front of your parents, but your turbulent mind plays the game.

Abe wo pagal hai bhoooss****...Bhootnika.
Kya hua mummy??
Kuch Nahi!!

4. Everyone will try to be your guru. They will poke you each and every time to check your language before speaking.

5. But who cares, you don't give a damn. Kyoki Humse Na Hopayega

6. The word Chu*** has become your best friend because it sits right above your tongue 24*7 and you can't live without saying Chu*** to your besties.

Wo Chu*** Hi Reh Gaya...

7. You even can't sing a song without using abusive word, Ek Gaali To Dalegi Hi Gaane Mein.

"Doston mein baitha main sutta pee raha
Abba ne mujhe sutta peete dekh liya
Ghar jab mein pahuncha mujhe danda ho gaya

8. Your friends visit you to learn some new *Gaalis*, this is the impression your friends have on you.

9. Because of such a great command over your language, Your love story ends before it could start.

10. Your friends will not take your help even if they are in any mess because you babble out words which will worsen the situation.

11. The way your neighbor's eyes rolls on you, make you feel like as if they have seen an alien in you.

Kya hogaya!! BC to bola hai..

12. When someone asks you "Beta Kitne Number Aaye"??

In reality: Bas Uncle Theek Thaak Agaye, Pass Hogaya.
In your imagination: Bc Pass Hogaya, Apko Number Jaanke Kya Karna Hai?

13. It's a nightmare, Really!! Going for an interview and you just pray to god for everything to go well.

Lekin, Nikal Hi Jaati Hai... BC

BTW, I Hope you liked this G@#@d @#$@ #$$## Article BC!!

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