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Were You Or Are you the uncle of your college group? Check it out

Date: 2018-01-06 12:18:51

By TabloidXO Writers

Now I bet nobody would wanna fall in this 'UNCOOL uncle' list but sure does that specie exist in Every Generation!
Let's be true to ourselves. I put up these 14 qualities and if you befall in at least five of em you can secretly tell yourself that your name is also enrolled in this list!

1. Padhai! Padhai! Padhai!

"Padhai pe zindagi shuru hoti hai aur padhai pe khatm. Beech me sab bakwaas hai."
Agar apki aesi vichaar dhaara hai to mubarak ho! Aap uncle ban chuke hai.

2. Ye Duniyaa.. Ye Mehfil... Mere Kaam Kin Nahi!


So, your world starts from your room and ends to the classroom. Rest are all moh maya...
"Shall I sit and talk to them for just a few minute?.. Oh! No I have to complete that topic today!"

3. No Buri Sangati!


Maa Pitaji ne kaha tha...
And so, the word of wisdom continues. 
And and, that one
"A man is known by the company he keeps!" Oh yeah!

4. Pravachan Sandhya!


And just one day if by the worst fortunate if you get to sit with them and you don't have earphones then God save you! Ever happened when you're made to sit down and watch Astha channel and you don't even have the remote... They'll take you to that world again!

5. Ready and Reached- 10 Minutes In Hand

Suit boot me tayyar hoke ready hai babua 10 minute pehle hi!

This by law, I declare by law IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE!!
And I so wish the above statement was a truth...

6. No, I Can Be Cool at Times!


And just when it comes in front of that girl, or just to cast an impression, they be like
Hey! I can be fun too!!

Wanna play ludo?

7. DJ Night! Na Bhai Na...


It is that great night in your college and the whole mass is gathered out there jumping on the DJ beats and there they'd be like... Kon jayga itne bheed me...
I better stay in my room and... study... and sleep early... and wake up early...

Oh! For God's sake! Just come out!

8. 100% Attendance


Nopes. Not a single class had they missed!

I wish I can make them feel the joy! The joy of bunking a class Or a movie!!
But.... NO WAY would they listen to me?

Le Bhai tera 100% award from my side too.

9. "Sir! Assignments!"


This is the 'THE MOST' frustrating moment in the class! When it's all fine in a happy and peaceful world there they bleat in this statement!
This is when the whole class for a moment, imagines of Goddamn creative ways to kill them!

I still say, Beware!

10. "Ruk, Bas Complete Kar K Dikhata Hu"


And you're the unluckiest person alive if you've got a seat around him in an exam and he's your eklouta sahara!
He'll keep telling, I'll just complete mine and show you and that, they tend to complete a minute after the invigilator starts snatching their copies and you realize that you're perfectly screwed!

11. Mera Jeevan Kora Kagaz..Kora Hi Reh Gaya..

Yeah, they don't want anything either. It's better that way. No matter deep down they might have some feelings to taste fun and relinquish joy but noooooo wayyyyyy...

"I am simple living, high thinking"
Chal be..

12. A Schedule on The Wall!


Have you visited their room ever?
You could spend a night counting the number of alphabets on those four walls, and the ceiling, and the table, the bag, the bed all inscribed deeeeeep...
Schedules, syllabus, quotations and dear Lord What Not!

Kitna gyan chhupa hai un shabdo me pata hai?

13. 5:05am! Oh I'm Late!


These are the people who are known to put roosters to shame!
Before the sun touches the horizon and the alarm buzzes the shit out of people, this person already has a goodmorning!


14. Chhupe Rustam


And if you've got to believe that all the above-mentioned points are true then you must not neglect this point as well.
They too have a crush, they to do weird stuff, seriously, weirder than you. They too have tasted that beer and keep a biodata of all the *hawttt girls*

But, as correct as these points are, it is important to accept them for what they are. If you two aren't on the same path, relax. You both will have different destinies as well. And you be comfortable in yours, let them be in theirs.
Have a good day!

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