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15 Signs Which Shows You Are An Impatient Person.

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By Erica

Want To Uncover The Reason Why People Call You Impatient? Here are the signs they see!

We've all got some bad habits. I am impatient. I cannot wait around for people and things to happen. Even if the server takes too long to bring my food I start whining. My mother once told me to have some patience!

BUT, It's not that simple. I know we aren't as busy as the President but we've got list of chores to do and being patient drives us crazy!

Here are some signs you are impatient:

1. You can't refrain from asking 'then what'?


When someone is telling you a story and drives off track for even a minute, you cannot stop yourself from asking what happened next.

You're like, "Aage bata"

2. "Wait? What's that?"

Source: tenor

You have no idea what the word wait means. You want to get work done right that second.

3. You can count down the seconds, minutes and hours in that order when someone is late


"I am impatient. I cannot wait for somebody. Are you listening late comer?

4. You list out all the things you could've done instead of waiting.


"Itne time mein Maggie ban jaati hai"

"I would've finished reading an entire book"

5. You cannot stop tapping your foot


When the queue takes too long to move, it's either your mouth or your foot making the noise.

6. If it takes too long, it will drive you crazy


Me:Next episode kab air hoga?

Friend : Two weeks later

Me:*Tweets to the fandom, the director, writer, actors - begging for an early release.*

7. One phrase constantly on the lips when service takes too long


Me: Aur kitna time lagega?
Itna time kyu lag raha hai?
Jaldi karoge?
My grandma is faster than you!
Person : Madam, abhi toh kaam shuru kiya hai. It's not even been 5 minutes.
Me: Oh. Jaldi karo

8. At restaurants it's hard to sit quiet


Me: Bhai . . .jaldi lana
Bhaiyya, mummy wait kar rahi hai
Bhaiyya, ghar pe koi margaya hai. Jaldi do
Bhaiyya, khana do nahi toh cancel kardo

9. You cannot stop drumming your fingers.


10. You pace the room until it makes you and everyone around you dizzy


11. You get excited when a package arrives way before time. Even if it wasn't that important.


12. If advertisements go on for too long you give up on the movie and move on to the next thing on your to-do list.


13. You can't wait around for everyone


14. Buffering= suffering


15. You cannot wait for the food to cool a little

Conclusion : Being impatient will irritate a lot of people around you. Just because you like to speed things up, doesn't mean everyone else does. So, try to change this bit of you. You might want to skip all the music tracks in the film and the slow intense romantic scenes and get to the end, well, another sign that you are impatient person. Loud and clear! Or maybe you just can't stand slow intense romance scenes.
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