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15 Things You Can Only Expect From Your Bestie

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By erica


Not all friends are best friends. But if you find a person whom you can trust with your dirtiest secrets, know that when the fire alarm goes off it will be because of your stupid prank that went wrong, when people ask you to return to the psych ward because you are just insane together to be honest.

That person is your best friend.

It's not only about having fun and sharing secrets or going as far as to commit murder. It's about feeling at home with them.

Also, if you know each other too well here is a list of 15 things you could expect only your best friend to do :

1. Check out guys at any point of the day

It's weird but, you could call her your own personal Tinder. She checks out guys like it's her hobby.

2. "My white shirt is missing, you know"

If you had a sleepover and left some clothes at your bestie's place, don't expect it back. What's hers is yours and vice versa. You can totally expect your bestie to leave the houe wearing your clothes-irrelevant of a sleepover.

3. Hitting the road

You can only expect your bestie to call you up and meet you outside. She'll drive like a mad woman and then ask you what you'd like to do?

4. Words of wisdom

She will give you the best piece of advice. Most of the time, she will give it in front of people to embarrass you. She knows you will probably kick her ass later, but she'll take that risk.

5. I m going. You re going

You cannot win with her! Is she's been invited somewhere just know you will be her plus one.

6.You get tagged "crazies" by your own bestie

She will do what she's best at : Make you laugh in the weirdest way possible. I would do a funny dance or say something stupid to make my best friend laugh. She would be a little embarrassed with me busting moves in public places, but she knew with her next to me I looked less crazy.

7. "We'll kill that bitch together"


She is your reassurance. She is the one who comforts you using these words. If someone hurt you even so much as a scratch, she pulls out her hidden rifles and Cruella-De-vil.

8."My personal Barbie"


You both are precious to each other. You know it is only your best friend who can pull off words like these. She'll dress you up for your date nights and drag you shopping when you don't feel like doing it yourself.



You communicate only in codes. Like when someone is talking way too much. . .. just look over at your bestie. She'll watch you suffer for another ten minutes before saving you.

10. Everything is dramatic


From her appearances to her dialogues-almost everything is dramatic. Your sarcasm combined could possible kill someone if it wasn't sugarcoated.

11. She knows news from around the world.

You can only expect your bestie with the best gossip. And by world, I meant one in which you and she exist and everybody else is dead.

12. Out with the old 'sisters for life'


You hate clinches like these. But it is the truth. you begin to feel so attached to each other, it's impossible to imagine life without the other. Your bestie will remind you every day how blessed you are to have her.

Aren't you?

13. Your weekend plans sound like this


14. Never ever will she let you think you are alone.


15. With each other, you are the best version of yourself.


So, did I miss something out?

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