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The Perky Perks Of Being A Short Girl

Date: 2018-01-22 17:20:44

By Abhishek

"Even Life Is Too Short" Then SO WHAT... Haan!!

Having a short height means "Majaani Life"(Wonderful Life), because there are so much fringe benefits of having such a cute height and we all know it. It's just that we have never thought.

Whenever someone calls you "Short", "Choti" just tell them:
"I Am Not Short, I Am Just Ridiculously So Adorable" - Call Me CUTE.

1. You are the one who is always be given the importance to be at the front place during those amazing photo sessions.

2. You can hide at any place and anywhere you want. You are the master in hide and seek game as you can fit in any small place.

Going through your memory lane?

3. You complement all tall guys perfectly. You are the cherry of that cake.

4. You are the luckiest as you can take the best hugs from your closed ones. You can easily be draped around their arms.

5. You rarely have to feel heebie-jeebie of being taller than your boyfriend/crush.

6. Your sister or brother will never ask you to clean the fan or lights or get cookies from that top shelf of the kitchen.

Haashhh bach gayi!!Thank you god

7. Every guy can fall for you as you are the epitome of cuteness and prettiness.

*The Neha Kakkar Cuteness* #Awww

8. You got the best power!! Grab on the high, high and high heels for yourself.

*Even Heels Miss You More Than You Do.*

9. It's almost an impossible thing that your legs can go out of your blanket.

10. You can save money on shopping!!

Confused?? Because you can go buy cloths, heels in the kids section.

11. You can fit into your friends back so nimbly, whenever you are tired of walking, just jump onto your friends back.

12. Your old cloths are the fashion statement for today.

13. You don't have to bump up your head into the wall or anything; you can go out with your head up.

14. You look a lot and by this I mean 'a lot lot younger' than you actually are.
you must have heard "Aww you look so young like a 5 year old kid"
And if you have not heard this! then I am saying it to you "Aww you look so young like a 5 year old kid"

15. You can easily sit even in a small car without any jam.

Now be cool and head strong with your chin high up to the sky and rule the world you wonderful lady.

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