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15 Reasons To Thank your Boyfriend For

Date: 2018-01-15 14:33:20

By Erica

After being with someone for more than a week or month, we become so comfortable around them that saying thank you sounds way too formal. Don't you think? The little things he says. The sweet gestures and gifts he brings. The sarcastic comments he passes on puropse. These are all at some point taken for granted or to put it in a nicer way, taken together and filled in a box called love. But does any girl think it's okay to say thank you for all this? Some might say, woh nahi kehta hai, toh main kyu kahoon? Relationships don't work like that. But when it comes to rational decision making, often men are right.

I do not want to be the one who throws the burning matchstick on the gasoline I have already spilled, starting a debate on whether men are better or women. All I want to say is, *Dear girls* thank your lover boy for everything he does. I'm going to help you, by giving you the reasons *to thank him for.*

1.Thank you for being patient


For the times I made you wait until I found the right outfit on our first date. For the times I made you stand outside the trial room. For the times I took too long to order food.

2.Thank you for being proud of me


The little things I do, make you so proud. You tell your friends, you constantly remind me how lucky you are to have me. If I'm better today, it is because I worked hard. But it is also because of you.

3.Thank you for never shutting the crazy side out


Whenever I danced in the middle of a busy street, stole a fork from a restaurant for fun, pretended to be checking out a girl with you and made you feel super awkward, jumped on top of you, you never told me to stop it! You know you are the only person I would do these things around and as weird as you might feel, you never thought of stopping me.

4.Thank you for calling


After silly fights and serious arguments, you called. You called until I answered. You made sure I did not go to bed mad at you or at myself.

5.Thank you for giving me 24X7 pass to you and making me a priority


At 3 a.m. when I wake up from the aftermath of a bad nightmare, I don't have to think twice before calling you. When I feel a teeny bit scared to go somewhere, I know you'll come. When I'm too bored by myself and you are enjoying with your friends, I think of something else to do because if you knew I was googling what to do when you are bored you would run to my rescue.

6.Thank you for putting my family first


Good news or bad, you hold me by the shoulders and tell me that I have to inform my mother about it before anyone else. When I smile at you, telling you that you are the reason behind the success of something, you remind me it's also the support of my family. I don't forget. I would never. But when you point it out, it only makes me love you more.

7.Thank you for all your shirts


You might not show it or say it, you might not even think it because you love me but I know you know that I have my eye on your closet. I wouldn't mind trading. Luckily you don't wear crop tops and shorts. Your shirts make me feel at home, at ease. They comfort me after a long, hard day.

8.Thank you for appreciating my effort

Source: https://i.imgur.com/sYIi9.gif

I make scrapbooks and write poems. I make posters and write letters but not once you say, 'ye bakwaas kya hai? I want a shirt or a watch instead!". You find words to appreciate every effort I make to show you how much you mean to me.

9.Thank you for letting me tell a joke


Pizza hut ka opposite kya hai?...PIZZA HUT NA MAT !

Yup, that's the kind of jokes I crack and you tell me they are the worst ever but you listen anyway. Watching you try not to laugh at the stupidity of the joke is my favorite part of telling it.

10.Thank you for not comparing me


I don't care if your ex was prettier or had bigger assets. I wouldn't know. If I do know, I'm sure pretty sure it is the result of my asking you to show her picture. I don't recollect you flaunting her photograph in front of my eyes telling me how hot she is. Yes, tease me and watch me get all mad at you, you pretend to check out other girls that walk around. Never ever you've asked me to be one of them.

11.Thank you for eating what I cook


Taking a risk with your stomach is so heart warming. I might be terrible at it yet you let me cook or place the order for food with confidence that I won't get it wrong.

12.Thank you for not complaining


I sound like a mom! Jeez. You are understanding and caring. You think before you act unlike me. I do the opposite. When I do things wrong, when I have countless mood swings, when I tire you with my endless gossip, you never complain. Of course you are a guy and you say things like, 'bus kar yaar!' but you never really want me to shup up. One day if I don't talk as much I usually do, you ask me what's the news of the day?

13.Thank you for saving the money I would spend on teddy bears


Nothing compares to your bear hugs. The world comes back into focus. You can calm me down, tell me how much you love me and show me you care with just one tight hug.

14.Thank you for not stealing my space and my spotlight


I am known by my name and not your girlfriend. I am knowing for the things I do. I am as free as a bird and yet feel loved ten times more because I have you. You do not cage me, chain me, neither do you say I'm your girlfriend first and then take my name when you introduce me.

15.Thank you for letting me take you as mine and be to you - YOUR BEST FRIEND IN ALL TIME


I will be lying if I say I don't believe that lovers should be best friends first and then meant for each other. I am glad I get to call you mine, love you and have you love me back. I can share secrets with you, fan girl about boy bands around you even though that earns me a ye sabh faltu hai from you. You might not cry while watching P.S. I Love You and get excited over Kylie's latest cosmetic collection, but I still think you are my best friend. You bought a first row ticket and backstage pass to my insanity and you will forever be my partner.

Boys don't really like being thanked for loving someone. But saying it with reasons like these, won't hurt. Will it? Appreciate the guy who tries so hard not to hold your hand forever and never let go because he knows he needs you more than you need him. If you believe you are crazy, he must be bonkers! Go thank your boyfriend for being the tequila shot you need everyday.

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