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These 15 Signs Are The Proof That You Are A Punjabi Kudi. Balle Balle!!

Date: 2018-03-16 13:57:57

By Raunak

Punjabi's are the coolest people we know (or so I'd like to believe about myself and my community). Give us butter chicken and Patiala peg and we'll be your friends forever. Whether it is with our baatein-shaatein or our ghulna-milna, we treat you like family if we talk to you for more than 10 mins, yes, that's just how fun-loving we naturally are. We love feeding you and love to be fed. Bhangra beats make us groove even in our sleep. We all have BIGGG hearts! Is there anyone who can possibly dislike Punjabi's?

Here's to the reasons that make me a hardcore Punjaban!

1. You have weird names for all your female neighbors. So, Mrs. Aggarwal becomes Aggarwalan, and Sharma aunty becomes Sharmani. That's the only way your family addresses them.

2. 'Oye', 'avayeen', 'oho', 'aaho', 'ki farak penda' sum up all your reactions!

3. Lassi jaisi koi nahi and you can never disagree.

4. You love Rajma-chawal.

5. You have nick names like bubbly, sweety, dolly, bitty, pinti and the list goes on. There is even a possibility that distant relatives don't even know your official name because Punjabi's have nicknames for just everyone.

6. Marjani, marangoji, khotte da puttar, ullu da pattha are all included in the first chapter of your family dictionary.

7. Breakfast for you is Aloo parantha, that too makkhan maar ke!

8. Can't stop from tapping your feet to Punjabi beats. Daler Mehendi is worshipped in your house.

9. Sundays are langar lunch days. We all wait for the super delicious langar and unmatched halwas of Gurudwaras.

10. Rhyme-o-repeat is your communication policy. Roti-shoti kha lo, dhol-shol baja lo, raunak-shaunak pa lo. A single noun looks incomplete to you without its rhyming sibling.

11. Punjabi weddings are hands-down the best weddings ever. Full of drunk uncles dancing with their dangling tummies, drama of at least some relatives being upset, loads and loads of food and innumerable good memories.

12. At least one of your relative lives in 'Canedda', if not the entire family.

13. Can't-do away with that accent. Yes 'that' one. The one all us Punjabis have and god, it's on fleek when we're angry or excited.

14. We look the best in our salwar-suit. Proper patola cuz tennu suit suit karda!

15. We don't get validation from our family until we look 'khaate-peethe ghar ki ladki'.

And the relatability level of this post is so high that as a Punjabi I'm simply feeling proud. Unless you mess with us (don't you dare), we're always high on life, high on energy and high on happiness. If not that, we're probably actually high, LOL!

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