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16 Craziest Nail Art Hacks-Making Style Fun & Easy

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By erica


Girls who think manicures are way too expensive, I have a list of DIY (do it yourself) nail art. It is totally affordable and if done right, will make you look stunning. What's better than a perfect outfit and cuticles?

I present 16 stylish nail art hacks to you :

1. Use a makeup brush

I'm talking about the small brushes which are feather light. All you got to do is, dip the brush in nail enamel and make strokes on your nails. It looks super fancy.


2. Scotch tape

It is a life saver, truly. You can put scotch tape around your fingers and do the stroke nail art, that way your skin won't have any enamel on them. Also, if you want to do fancy designs, paint your nail a base color and then just stick tape in odd angles or a preferred angle and paint your nail with a contrasting color. When you peel the tape off, you will be surprised!


3. Fancy scissors and scotch tape

Remember those fancy, zig zag scissors you used to cut paper for cards and posters? Well, you can use it to cut tape in the same way and create funky designs.


4. Toothpick to the rescue!

A toothpick has more uses than you thought. After you are done painting your nails with one color as a base, use a toothpick to stick little gems and stones and make your nails look sparkly!


5. The best way to wipe off the color

To wipe off the nail polish on the corners and edges, use a toothpick or ear bud. You can use cotton wipes, but they are big enough to wipe the entire nail.

A toothpick has a thin end which will help scrape off dried nail polish.


6. S For Sharpie

Sharpies, aka markers was amazing to make pretty designs on your nails. Works best on light shades, I suppose. If you have a golden colored sharpie then it will look superb with black nail polish.


7. What's good for the eyes, is good for the nails


8. Your toothbrush can make your nails look exciting

After you have painted your nails a base color, take a toothbrush and rub it in some nail enamel. Do this using three colors. Next, brush your finger over it so it looks like a spray on your nails.

Beautiful, don't you think?


9. Done sipping? Save the straw

Take a straw and cut it into half so that it is easier to hold. Now you can use the straw to either make semi circles on your nails or take enamel on one end and blow through the other.


10. Make the color pop. Put a white base and neon nail enamel.

If you want to make your nail color pop, first apply a base coat or a white color nail polish. Then apply your neon shade. You'll see the difference.


11. Make designs using cotton string and thread.

If you want to style your nails with lines or thin designs, use cotton thread to leave spaces. You can dip the thread in nail polish and press it down on your nails.


12 Lace, material

It might look like a hell lot of work, but trust me it is super easy. Get a piece of lace cloth and paint over it. Peel the cloth off and ta-da! There's your design.


13. Sponge for a gradient effect/ Ombre effect

Paint a base coat
Apply one more coat
Take a sponge in a triangle shape. That way it is easier to hold.
Choose three colors that blend.
Paint three strips on the sponge and press the sponge on the nail.
Look at the design you've artistically created.


14. Mixing two colors

The perks of mixing two colors is that you get a vibrant look. You have to test the choices before you decide to wear it for sure.

Combinations like red and gold, black and gold, white and blue, pink and orange mix well.


15. Using newspaper

Start with a base coat. Paint your nails a light shade of grey.Pour rubbing alcohol or water in a small jar.Dip each nail for around 5seconds . Take a small piece of newspaper and press it firmly on the finger.

Apply a top coat to make the letters pop and not fade quickly.


The best hack of all is how to remove your nail polish?

Nail Polish jar :

Take a bottle or a jar and stuff it with sponge. Pour nail polish remover and dip your finger inside. It'll all come out.


Cotton : Use cotton and nail polish remover.


Use Toothpaste : Toothpaste helps wipe off nail polish.


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