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17 Things That Happen Only In Indian Gym.

Date: 2018-06-24 15:11:26

By Abhishek

All the fingers can't be the same. So for some, gym is life and for the rest lot, the gym is a bad nightmare which hunts them every fucking day. There is a different bracket of species which goes to the gym and there we see many who do vigorous cardio, weight lifting, crossfit etc but there are some who do everything except workout, and the list goes on to the moon and back. From people doing show off in front of girls to aunties planning their kitty parties in the gym, you will watch an extra dose of everything but not about fitness.

So here are some funny species which you all have seen in your gym:

1. Na na na... counting not from 1 BUT 101- Your creepy friend who starts his push up from 101 when he sees a girl coming near him.

2. Even those mote paet waale uncles who pop their eyes out at women while working out...

3. The helper guys whose uninvited bodybuilding advice will make you feel like punching them.

Are bhai...shaant!!

4. People who connect their phones to the gym speakers and they feel that they own the gym.

5. The best part is, people doing exercise/weightlifting on Himesh Reshammiya songs like Jhalak Dikhlaja, Ek baar aaja aaja...

6. And also, those people who go to the gym by car/bike to do cycling and other cardio exercises.

7. Selfie meine leli aj - instead of lifting weights, these people do their private photo sessions.

8. Show off's

9. That person who eats almost 2 kgs of complementary fruits on the name of strict diet plan.

10. That group who always plan to change the gym after their membership expires... well-o-well, they are still in that same gym.

To bhai itna plan banaate kyo ho?

11. Time to eat pizza, burgers after workout!!

These people are more interested in eating than doing exercise. Sometimes it feels they come to do exercise so that they can put on some extra calories.

12. That person who entered the gym 5 minutes before and his voice comes to your ears, saying - "tere bhai ki body aarahi hai!".

13. Those aunties group who have made their gym session as kitty party session. They just giggle around for 2 hours and they are done with their workout.

14. People who use the treadmill for an hour and not just this, they start singing songs a lot loud.

15. Those bloody ass...who covers all the AC air with their huge body so that no one else can take the cool air and rather smell her/his unpleasant body odor.

16. That asshole friend who will not guide you if you are doing a wrong exercise but will guide every girl in the gym even if she had never asked for his help.

17. And how can I forget those Sweat ki dukaan people who uses that bench without putting towel or mat beneath them.

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