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To All The Boyfriends: Here's What Your Girl Expects From You

Date: 2018-07-06 15:29:10

By Erica

1. "How was your day?"


A girl loves to talk. ask her about her day, how it went and even if it isn't something great, listen. Don't ask her every now and then, the day she doesn't tell you herself, ask her then.

2. A Hug.


Some girls get really shy when it comes to PDA but a friendly, comforting hug is welcome anytime anywhere.

3. A kiss on the forehead.


It is the sweetest thing. This kiss shows how much you care. No matter how many times you plant it on her forehead, she will love it.

4. A surprise.


Depending on how low/high maintenance your girlfriend is, she will smile brighter if you got her a surprise gift or reservation.

5. Roses.


Girls are suckers for flowers and food. Get a rose (not a bouquet, she cannot roam with it everywhere. Looks a bit much and they die!).

Get her some grilled chicken or a cupcake. Nobody can say no to food. If she is health conscious, get her a yummy salad. Are salads ever yummy?

6. To give up getting into fights.


If he is a badass and cannot stop himself from getting into fights, that's what a guy needs to let go. Unless it is something he does for a living.

Girls generally hate violence. If you are worried your girl is going to get hurt, she is 100X times worried that you will break a nail!

7. To be safe.


If you plan a long drive or a long night together, safety is important. A girl expects her boyfriend to care about what troubles her, who causes her to worry. She expects to take care before you get on with going wild.

She should know without asking that you will take care of her if she downs too many shots.

8. To understand why she gets jealous.


On an average, a guy finds it cute when his girlfriend gets jealous. Hold your horses!

Don't push her too much. The joke could turn into a cold-blooded murder buddy. Stop asking why she gets jealous. Just ask her to tell you one time. I don't mean, let her control who you hang with and not, but respect her decision that she doesn't approve of a girl and would prefer if you were miles away.

She wants your attention and love for herself. Doesn't she deserve it?

10. To be honest.


Is the skirt too short? Does she look like she just finished a drug deal? Is she doing something wrong in bed?
Honesty goes a long way. You cannot overlook a flaw and bring it up years later. No. be a guy. Be blunt. But don't be harsh.

11. A love letter.


She won't ask for too much, but she expects an expression of love. A letter, some lyrics dedicated to her, a photo framed for you both, a picture posted online. These might seem like little things to a guy, but it is the way her face hurts from smiling like a maniac that will make you fall in love with her all over again.

12. To meet her once a day and spend some time together.


Sorry couples in a long distance relationship, I'm not trying to jab you. Boyfriends! Gifts are not all that she expects. She expects you to make time for her. Even if it is just five minutes, she will know you love her when meeting her is your priority.

13. To be good in the other stuff.


No girl wants her guy to be a sloppy kisser and clueless about how things are done. In fact, it's taken for granted that the guy will know what to do and give the directions. So, you might as well be prepared boys!

14. A text message


Needless to say that you must have a phone conversation before you sleep. How about sending her a loving text message: a word, a line, a paragraph - that will take her by surprise - when you know she's asleep?

Imagine her eyes squinting to read your message early in the morning and that's the only thing keeping her going all day.

15. Give her your t-shirts, shirts, and hoodies. Don't be a sissy.


Dear boys, know from day one when you get a girlfriend that your clothes are not your clothes anymore. Okay? Don't hesitate to give her your clothes! She will rock 'em better than you. It's a universal truth.
One time, my boyfriend wouldn't let me keep this black t-shirt I loved because it was a gift from his mom and she would want to see him wear it. I wasn't very happy about that.
When we returned from home, back to campus, he brought me a t-shirt which was exactly the same and that was the sweetest thing ever.

16. To not be taken for granted.


Never ever take your girl, your love for granted. Just because you know she will always be there that doesn't give you the license to treat her the way you want. To ignore her whenever you want, to pretend like she doesn't exist for sometimes.

Talk about time & personal space. But do not push her so far that you can never get her back.

17. Not call her 'shona' & 'babu'.


A majority, I believe hate it. keep a nickname - call her Captain jack sparrow or Shrek! That would be so much better than these two words. They are the epitome of cheesy.

18. To be the one closest to your heart.


If you got a 'girl' bestie, the girlfriend will be a teeny tiny bit jealous or go Cruella-de-vil on her! There is no in between. You know? Well, according to my theory, I want to be the first person to know his stories, secrets, plans, and ideas. After he talks to me about all of that, what is left to talk about with 'the bestie?'
That's also what I want him to share with me.
Well, that's just wrong. In my head, it sounded alright. But now it just sounds obsessive.

This list would go on to a good 100 and something but I stopped. Phew! Girls have quite a few expectations. One of the unrealistic ones would be getting her name tattooed. I would not support that. I mean, why?! Why would you do that? That's just a whole different level of crazy.

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