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21 Benefits Of Being A Tall Girl.

Date: 2018-01-14 16:07:28

By Erica

"Don't tell me I'm too tall" just because my height happens to threaten your rather fragile sense of masculinity. The fact that men cannot look down upon women who are taller than them is the very reason that many men find tall women so intimidating.
-Miya Yamanouchi

Well, I say just let it go. You are tall and you got be proud about, lady. People need almost every time. People want to have what you have. That height. Yes, they'll make fun of you for being as tall as a giraffe or call you daddy long legs. Who cares? If you care and worry about the way people feel around you just because they cannot reach you and stand shoulder to shoulder, I've got a list of perks of being a tall girl. I assure you by the end of this, you will feel proud that you don't breathe the same air as the others.


1. No pictures can be taken without you.


You are the selfie stick. Everybody needs you at some point because you got the longest hand.

2. Easy to intimidate short guys.


Nobody dare talk dirt around you because you've got the upper hand. Or more inches than him at least.

3. No ladder needed.


If you want to take something down from a top shelf or above your cupboard, you don't need a stool nor someone else to help.

4. Almost everything suits you.


5. You know you could land a modeling contract if you wanted, at any time.


Maybe you should try out for INTM (India's next top model) next year?

6. Buying long skirts are an investment.


Any below the knee clothing you owned, will come handy as you grow. Long skirts become short skirts, knee length dresses become mini dresses. It's an investment.

7. You look older than the other girls.


Easy access to clubs.

8. Learning to ride is easy.


Bicycle or scooty, you are sure your feet will touch down so you have no fear of learning.

9. You get your own day.


International Hug a Tall Person Day. An entire day solely to show love to tall people.

10. All rides allowed.


An amusement parks, children have to be of a particular height to get on, tall people are chill.

11. You see above all heads.


You can never be not found in a crowd. You can find your way easily too.

12. Everyone wants you on their sports team.


Tall people have an advantage. People assume they are good at sports so they are very less likely to be chosen last.

13. Swimming pools are more like walking pools.


You can easily walk around while others try hard to swim to stay well in the water.

14. Rocking flats too.


Women look for heels to make their legs look longer and elegant. You can wear heels, of course but you can show off your long legs in flats too.

15. Money, money, money.


According to a scientific fact, if you are taller then you tend to make more money than others who aren't

16. Attention!


You command attention. You cannot be ignored.

17. You can run!


If you ever think you are running late, your long legs will come to good use.

18. Hello stage!


When you go to concerts and even though you are somewhere in the middle, or at the back, you can see the stage. No heads blocking your view and that's the best part.

19. You give the best hugs


If you think I'm wrong, go hug a tall person and let me know how good that felt.

20. No trouble with lights.


You can just reach your hand up and change a bulb.

Extra Kg's are always invisible.

Eat how much you want and whatever you want, your fat will always find a place to hide itself from poking aunties, all thanks to your height.


Dear people who keep saying they are so jealous of tall girls. Well, what can I say? You should be!

With tall girl advantages there comes some tall girl problems also.

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