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Remember Your Schoolhood Names Which Your Friends Gave You? Here Are 22 Of Those

Date: 2018-01-17 17:58:07

By TabloidXO Writers

Despite being a merry time there are some memories from your childhood that you won't be mentioning it proudly!

Remember those silly names which almost every single student of the class was crowned with? There has to be some slight hint of a defect and there you go! Creativity found its way and you've been denounced a title!

Now goodluck carrying those names for your whole life.

Think you are out with your kids and your friend see you after 50 years and then you hear a voice someone calling you "Aur Fuddu kaisa hai?"
We can have more versions of this and I want you to fill it up because I am bounded to use more good words, if you know what I mean
"Aur _______ kaisa hai"

What a funny moment will that be!! Relate with your inner self and enjoy those moments in these images.

I Bet you must be familiar with much of these and you might also have had ownership to one of them or may be more.
Don't worry we won't tell anyone but seriously? You got that one! Just make sure that someday when you might be roaming with your hot new girlfriend/Boyfriend in the mall and someone comes running to you calling that name!!!
Thank me later. I did warn you!
Goodbye Padhaakuo!!

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