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8 Things We All Do On Social Media For Our Virtual Existence

Date: 2018-07-10 14:06:24

By Abhishek

Say after me -

I will be very honest, the amazing article which I am going to read just now, if it relates to me I will admit it and if nothing falls similarly related to me then I will make sure I will find the culprit.

(Note: To those who did not understand, I was trying to be sarcastic, my bad.)

1. The new dress.

We went out for shopping and there we bought a really nice dress which we know will be packed until there is not any special occasion, however, what can be the special occasion than to wear the dress and immediately and posting it on social media?? Maybe, you never know you and the dress becomes popular.

The next day, the dress is packed, sealed and stored.


2. Starbucks coffee

O common, we are not here to drink Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. We just went so that we can see our name on that plastic cup and also so that we can post it on social media with billions of hashtags.


3. Selecting the boom time.

After researching and doing a lot of hit and trial method, we know when the most of the users get active and tada.. it's the best time to share something to get yourself more like, share, retweets and all these social media counter stuff.


4. Ahh these filters, you filter.

The weirdest of the weirdest photo can be fixed with the image editing filters. Nowadays, we have those snapchat filters to make ourselves oh-so-doggy look.

Kinda weird, addicted already.


5. At Taj CCD, At Cyberhub, At Claridges.

It's basically for those, who are sitting in their cozy bed and chilling with their lonely beer in there hand and there check in places be like these. Cool masters, you rock! (Sarcastic). No wonder we might soon see your check-in at The Mars.

Not sure if this helps, God knows and these species.


6. Like, again like, and again like and this goes with share too.

You are a smart jackass because you gotta know how things will get noticed. We like, share the stuff occasionally and you have a clue that sooner or later you will get noticed by people of the same generic.


7. Tagging - The Brahmastra.

Don't you know how important LIKES are? You do know, clever mind.
So you must have tagged your friends, padosi, on your posts and photos, right?


8. Enjoying alot, With 30 others.

You are so busy posting about how much fun you are having with your friends and in reality, you know how you are celebrating the togetherness. All are busy with uploading the snaps and some are doing facetime.


Relatable enough?? Liar liar your pants on fire.
Now, move out of your virtual self and live in the happy reality.

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