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12 Things A Catholic Girl Hears All The Time #Juststereotyping

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By erica

Today I decided to share the funny statements and questions people say/ask when they see a catholic girl in the same area. Before I begin, they are just silly stereotypical statements and are not meant to intentionally hurt any of you lovely people out there. With that being said, you know how weird it is to do something and then get asked a question which ends with " . . . .but you're catholic?!"

I've experienced some situations like these myself and I'm so in the mood to share. Let's begin:

1. You cannot eat veggies. People will freak out!


Have you seen Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani? On Prem's birthday, Jenny tells him that she is a vegetarian. His friends said she was Catholic and she must eat a lot of meat.

So, stop making those big owl eyes when someone eats the greens and not the leg piece.

2. You are expected to have studied in a convent school.


3. If you tell people you go to church every Sunday...


4. "You don't have a boyfriend?"


5. The misconception that all marriages are love marriages


They are not.

6. Christmas is as big a deal as Diwali and Eid.

All festivals are amazing. We get pretty hyped about Christmas. . . I think we do it because that just makes it more special.


7. Hide the booze!! No you dont need to hide this please..


We are not alcoholics.

8. They will look at you like you wrote the English Dictionary


Some of us are Grammar Police of our own choice.

9. We thought you would have an attitude. But you are nice!


Thank you for judging a book by its cover like a perfect stereotype.

10. So, you will go to heaven right?


How. . . what. . . I don't even want to know where that came from! How would I know? If I do, I will write you a letter about the weather.

11. Your parents must be so cool!!!


You think so? Wanna trade places? Not all parents let you party in the wee hours, people. Get our facts right!

12. The misconception that majority of the Catholics hail from GOA


We don't. Mostly.

Stereotyping is common. Not just Catholics but everybody faces some kind of statement that is common everywhere they go. It is wrong to pass judgment, sure. Especially when our facts are wrong. But looking back on the absurd things people say without thinking how ridiculous it sounds actually makes me laugh.
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