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Dear People: Steal all you want, But You Cannot Take Away Everything

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By erica

Living in a world of chaos is easy. But is that enough? Sometimes I feel like everyone is out to get me and only me. They want to take away my fun, my friends, my toys, my everything!

But isn't all that materialistic things?

There are so many other things, actually, the MINI BOXES I have, that nobody can steal.

1. My Speech

Someone can tell me to shut up.
Someone can tell me to whisper.
Someone might have a problem with the way I talk
But that doesn't take away my speech. Not now, not ever.

2. Self- respect

Close your eyes and rip off all those labels people slap on your forehead. If anyone dares to tell you that you do not have any self respect, don't be afraid to throw a punch or two.

3. Confidence

Ever wondered why parents tell you not to pay heed to dogs that bark? Remember that time Phoebe, Monica and Rachel wouldn't let anyone 'steal their thunder?'

Remember people can shake you, break you, crush you. But you have the choice to let them or stop them from doing so.

4. Uniqueness

You are born to be different. Never ever forget that. So, if people think the geometrical designed tights you wear make you look like a wriggly worm, let them think.

Tights are comfortable. They will laugh once, twice. The third time they themselves will get bored of the joke and turn away.

5. Emotions

There's a book on my shelf. In the story, there is a cure for the disease that is LOVE. They stop people from falling in love. You get married and have a family of your own minus love.

Of course, the protagonist wants to feel it. I never finished the book, so I cannot say but you have every right to feel.

Don't allow the meaty hands press down on your heart, restricting you from letting emotions out, showing others how you feel. Sad or happy, if you want to express it, express it.

6. That funny bone.

I think I`m funny. The majority of people around me don't feel the same way. Well, that never stopped me from cracking was poor jokes or say stupid things just to make them smile.

7. The way your brain works

It's up to you to alter it or not. So many good friends of mine told me the first impression they got when they saw me was that I`m rude.

Firstly, they had never spoken to me.

Secondly, they judged.

That's okay. I cannot change the way they think.

8. Your attitude

If someone is rude to a server at a restaurant, you can only advice him/her not to be that way. You cannot force the person to do as you please.

There is a couple on campus I observed, who feed the stray dogs every day. One day the dog wouldn't leave my friend alone and he is super afraid of dogs. He scared the dog away by yelling. The couple stared disapprovingly.

Well, everybody's attitude is different towards one thing.

9. Your treasure of talents

You could be a CEO on the outside, but an artist, a writer, a poet, a performer, don't be afraid of someone who tells you, "you aren't good enough. That someone is better at it than you. That you are just wasting time."

YOU ARE NOT. Doing something you love is never a waste of time.

10. The questions for which answers you seek

Ask away. Never feel shy to ask a question. To you it sounds stupid, to somebody else it is a voice, a food for thought, an opportunity to share some knowledge.

Conclusion : People always say to be you. Don't worry about the world. But it's the fear of losing these 10 things we have with us that barricades us from being awesome. We are so scared somebody will rip these gems away from us. Maybe it's time to believe that THERE ARE SOMETHINGS HUMANS JUST CAN'T STEAL
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