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After Sunil Chhetri Heart Touching Request To Fans. Their Is A Happy News, The Tickets Are Sold Out!!

Date: 2018-06-04 17:15:13

By TabloidXO Writers

It's cheering time peeps!!
Common India Dikhaado, India Ko Jeetaado.

The Intercontinental cup match between India and Kenya which is going to be held at the Mumbai Football arena on 4th June has officially been sold out.

All Thanks to the lovely people of India and also to Sunil Chhetri, India one of bestest footballer. After the video went viral of Sunil Chhetri requesting fans to come and support the Indian Football Team in the stadium, people were all supportive enough to listen to his request and what happened next was eye popping and emotional too.

Sunil Chhetri made a hearttouching request to all the fans of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo - "Abuse us, criticise us but please come to watch the Indian national team play." - Here you can check what he said.


Many celebrities, sportsperson and famous Indian YouTubers also spread the word of mouth. Such as Mumbiker Nikhil (@nikkkhil), Nikunj Lotia (@BeYouNick) and Prajakta Koli (@mostlysane) came out in support of Chhetri and request their fans to support the national football team.

Personlly, I was touched by this sweet gesture by Nikunj Lotia and you too will feel aww. Nikunj Lotia @BeYouNick actually booked an entire stand and asked football lovers to attend the match and cheer for India.

People who have got the tickets for the 4th June, have a great time. And to those who couldn't make it, Calm down!! The next match is not too far, book your tickets for 7th June, HERE.

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