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Shashi Tharoor Passed His Hindi Test Quiz With A Distinction. Damn!! The Viva Was Tough

Date: 2018-03-11 15:12:54

By Abhishek

On 9th March it was The Shashi Tharoor birthday, let us first wish him Belated Happy Birthday.
We know how cosmopolitan Shashi Tharoor is. And when it comes to English, He is the upgraded version of the English Dictionary.

The "Shashi The-roar" has given us some amazing words in 2017.

Farrago - a confused mixture.

Rodomontade - Boastful or inflated talk or behaviour.

Webaqoof - One who believes every claim or allegation on the internet must be true

Aahh!! how royal these words sounds. We don't need any proofs about his vocabulary. He is the principal of the vocabulary school.

Recently, Akash Banerjee who works for Radio Mirchi interviewed Shashi Tharoor and they played a quiz where Akash Banerjee asked some amazing Hindi words and Shashi Tharoor has to give the meaning of those words and let me tell you, Shashi Tharoor was seen in a 'Le Fatafat, De Fataafat' mode because he was banger in answering all the questions.

It's the time to flip-the-switch and check how good he is in 'Hindi'. And truly, he do has impressed everyone on social media..including me.

Folks!! Fasten up your seat belts and enjoy!!






See the full video here:

Tharoorians!! Did you enjoyed this khidki-tod-fataafat quiz?

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