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10 Annoying Things Our Facebook Friends Do

Date: 2018-05-02 18:19:50

By TabloidXO Writers

Erik Qualman has quoted "We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it."

Today you will hardly find a being who is not social media active. Facebook has topped the sites amongst the social networking sites. People share more or less every waking hour of their day sticking their noses in their mobile phones updating their feeds or reading updates. The day starts with checking their phones and end with the same. It is as if they are just sleeping to give their phones a rest.

Not everything people do on Facebook is appropriate though. Many things tend to become annoying and borderline irritating that makes you pull your hair.

So here we got you 10 most annoying things people can do on Facebook:

1. Feeling Depressed- with 30 others

Really!! Its like how do you know other 30 are equally depressed too. Its not like they will spray a pixie dust and BAM! Your depression disappears. You gotta cope up without public sympathy.


2. A million candy crush requests

Not everyone plays a stupid game with an awful music and no one is interested to help you cross levels if you aren't gifting them a million bucks.


3. Vacation photo overkill

There should be a limit to photo sharing. We get it, people, you had a fantastic vacation. 200 photos will prove just as much as 2 photos will.


4. Random event invitations

Umm, no thanks!! No one is interested in going to a random event of a stranger to be a complete wallflower.


5. Sharing your bad picture

No matter how ugly you look but just because the other one looks the epitome of perfection they will share the photo. Excuse me... where has the friendship gone?


6. Page long posts on birthdays

Girls need to stop posting essays for a birthday wish. Save it for their next. They'll hopefully live.


7. Long lost relatives

Haven't seen their faces in ages and they keep popping up. We get it they are getting familiar with gen X so they need to stop spamming.


8. The bragsters

You got it, keep it. No one is interested to know what riches you are bathing in or what spa you went to.


9. Tagging the ones who were not even there

Its called tag for a reason. The one who tagged along with you should be TAGGED.


10. Baby profile pictures

You got to show what you have. Babies don't facebook. Though not sure for today's generation.

To sum it up you just don't have to be street smart, you need to be social media smart as well. Stop posting your life for everyone to see. The mystery of what you are up to is much more intriguing. Less is the new more.

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