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Apple Uses RD Burman's Music From Burning Train For iPhone X Ad. iPhone Got A Desi Touch!

Date: 2018-03-22 01:21:53

By Abhishek

On 17 March, Pete Cannon the music producer shared a video on Twitter where he quoted that he has produced the music for Apple iPhone X. People started seeing that video and many users found out that the music in this video has already produced by RD Burman's 'Burning Train'.

See the video below for iPhone X Ad and then the original RD Burman Video. Do tell us if you find any similarity:

Rd Burman Music,

iPhone X Ad,

Yes, I think it was same, don't you think peeps??

Many Twitter users inform Pete Cannon that this music has already been composed by RD Burman and Twitterati requested Pete Cannon to give due credit to the original creator also.

After loads of tweets from people, Pete Cannon clarified it later that:

Hi Guys, I just want to address the sample used in the new Apple iPhone X advert. It samples a track from the great R D Burman's 'Burning Train' and it's a MAGICAL piece of music! It was cleared/licensed via Blurred Recs courtesy of Saregama. Everyone is on board and loves it. ;)

By this sweet gesture by Apple, not only Bong's, actually all the Indians are feeling so proud.

Now Indians be like "Chura Liya Hai Apple Ne Jo Dil Ko"
And Apple be like "Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na"

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