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Bappi Lahiri Gold Chains And Rings Are Missing, And Even He Did Not Know Where It All Went.

Date: 2018-04-19 15:43:53

By Abhishek

Kuch To Gadbad Hai Daya!!

Bappi Lahiri Aka Bappi Da the golden guy of Bollywood. As like his famous songs, his image as a golden guy is also popular around the world. He is the biggest inspiration for our mummy's, Hum Sab Ki Mummy Ne Bhi Gold Zada Lene Shuru Kar Diye The Inko Dekh Ke..

Whenever the name Bappi Da is said, the primo thing that we thought is his glittery-glittery rings and chains. We cannot imagine him if he comes in front of us without wearing any gold. However something weird had happened recently...

What are we seeing in this video!! He is seen without all his gold??
Literally without his big, heavy glittery gold??

Sona Bina Chaen Kaha Ree.. Sona Bina Chaen Kaha Ree...

In the video, he is seen disturbed and constantly saying SONA KAHA HAI?? And when asked about the gold whereabouts he responded,

Where is our goldy Bappi Da gold gone??

Is the gold robbed by anyone?? Or was he got bored with the gold? Or did he found some new ornaments which are better than gold? Or Had he misplaced the gold somewhere? Or what can be the reason this is some real serious shit.

We hope, you will find your gold quickly and we will try finding it out Bappi Da... "Daya Zara Pata Lagao Gold Kaha Hai Bappi Da Ka".

Yaad aaraha hai, tera goooold.

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