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Yes I Share The Bestest Bond With My Sister In This World

Date: 2017-12-05 11:46:39

By Erica

"If I got to choose a person to spend my last day on earth with, it would be my sister(SISIII)".

Two girls = chatter.
Two sisters = chaos.

Sisters, whether near or far, mutual parents or not, a cousin or a twin, will be sisters right from the bed they wake up into the deathbed they close their eyes on.

Girls make friends, best friends, boyfriends and so on. But they can't keep all these different relationships with one person except their sister. You cannot make your boyfriend your sister. But you can make your sister your pretend-boyfriend. Know what I mean? There you go my SISII

I give you thirteen bonds sisters share. Trust me no human can take a sister's place. No matter how far apart you've grown with age and time or that you barely talk, this will be a good reminder of why you need your sister. Your shield. Your true another half (sorry boys, but you were never really the other half! All a myth)

1. The enemy in disguise: Remember that time she threatened to tell on you? Remember when she got the extra Tim Tam biscuit? Remember when she got a new outfit and you got a 'next time you will get one too'?

That's probably the only time you could've felt a strong hatred towards your sister. That's the only ugly bond you two probably share occasionally.


2. Cheerleader:

Your sister will cheer the loudest with triumph when it's you who wins a prize, a trophy or a date! She might interrogate the guy later and do a severe background check, but she will support you. She will be your cheerleader and you will need no other.


3. Advisor: "Nope, your nose looks too fat",

"Here, your hair is a mess",
"This is perfect!"

When in doubt, on your sister's door you knock. She will tell what to do and what not to. Whether it is books, music, photos to post on Instagram, books, bags, shoes, boys or sex. If she has experienced it or not, she will still share all and a little extra she knows. If it goes downhill she'll just tell you that she is crazy and never listen to her again.


4.The island of treasure:

She will never let you leave the house wearing her shirt. But it's not like she will make you take it off in public. Her closet is your 'shopper's stop' and hers is yours. You might hate sharing. But hey! What are sisters for?


5. Pillow to cry on:

Out with the shoulder. That's old. When the grey clouds hover above your head she will give you a hug, bring you ice cream and huddle with you watching 10 Things I Hate About You until you feel better. She will take you shopping, distract you and remind you how amazing you are. But! Not as much as her.


6.Secret Keeper : 'We take this to our graves'.

You don't even have to say the word promise?. She knows she must not tell and you know she won't. It could be about your low attendance or your first kiss. Nothing reaches mom's ears.


7. Partner in crime:

Revenge is sweet when your sister is your partner in crime. She will plan and plot and stay up until the break of dawn. Execution of the plan might never happen, but she is ready to through with it.


8. Soldier:

Gone are those days when a girl needed a guy to stand up for her. We had sisters then, we have sisters now. There is no rage like a woman's rage. Try it!



Ever wondered why you hate your sister's friends who come over or invite her for sleepovers? It's not because you are possessive. It's because she is your friend first. It is normal to feel jealous and subordinate to them but sisters are bound for life. That must not be forgotten.


10. Trust:

If you want to find a place to bury your husband's bones in the future, your sister will be the one holding the shovel. That's the level of trust you got going.


11. Banker:

Usually, one of you is the lender and the other is the spender. It's clear who will be what once the job offer is accepted and one of you becomes a spendthrift. Cha-ching!


12. Mom: I saved the best bond for the last: All the bonds mentioned above combined, will give you MOM.

Sisters (ignore age gap and height difference and vocal superiority here) will care, love, defend, protect, feed, argue, correct, understand and sometimes even dress like a MOM. They try their best to fix it in the head permanently that when the mother and father figure aren't around, they will be capable enough to play that role for the sake of the other one before their own.


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