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26 Reasons Why Having A Boy Best Friend Always Rock

Date: 2018-05-01 17:48:16

By Erica

I wonder about the girls who have guy best friends. I have always wanted one myself. At first, it's just because I thought it was cool to associate with boys and it was like stepping out of your girl gang, your comfort zone and all that. But it is so much more. Then just that. There are reasons why girls (who don't have a GBF) go to bed praying that they find someone who is totally worth it and just perfect! There are also girls (who have a GBF) pray that they won't have to ever leave.

What girls have to know is that, once you got a boy best friend on your team, he's never going away.

1. Easy to talk to

2. Friendship minus drama

3. Two dirty minds = Porno!

4. Lane of Honesty

5. Whip out the dude in you!

6. No trying too hard

7. Bye bye awkwardness

8. The ultimate guide to understanding men

9. You can be baby Gorillas together

10. Your personal stand-up comedian

11. You got one more brother

12. He's aca-awesome!

13. Free fake boyfriend

14. Partner Weird

15. He only thinks what's best for you

16. One less judge

17. Bad teacher

18. Your personal ego buster

19. One boy your parents allow in the house

20. You can check out chicks together

21. No bullsh*t gifts needed

22. No formalities - He's cool with the guys you know

23. He listens

24. He worries when your sarcasm decreases

25. You never feel nervous and self-conscious

26. You can score dates for each other!

Having a GBF (guy best friend ) is the best and worst thing possible. Worst why? People will constantly shoot you one question for sure. I`m willing to bet on it. The question is: "So, you guys dating?" and you say, "WE AE JUST BEST FRIENDS!!"

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