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Daringbaaz?? Check Out Whether You Can Be Crowned As The Daringbaaz Girl Of Your Group Or Not.

Date: 2018-03-13 13:51:39

By Raunak

"Oye Ye Mere Friend Hai, Isko Dekh Mat Liyo Agli Baar" :-P
Oye.. And this *Oye* continues forever for this Daringbaaz girl.

Being true to their principles and always standing on their points, there are very few daringbaaz girls that we meet. Giving us a practical lesson or two about women empowerment in their own daring ways, here's to 14 points that show you are a true daringbaaz.

1. People call you by different nicknames

Be it Hitler, gundi, Dabangg or whatever, people always have a set of names for you. Which of course you don't mind because who will be a fool to let go of special attention?

2. You don't think before you speak

You are not only very impulsive but believe in 'doing' more than anything else. You let your actions speak for themselves.

3. Challenges never get rejected by you.

Chal lagati hai bet??

If any dare or challenge comes your way, you NEVER turn it down because dares excite you. And you almost always complete them.

4. You are a risk taker

You believe this world is boring if you don't take risks and since you practice what you preach, you never run away from any risks you need to take. Instead, you look forward to them.

5. You have always been rebellious

Whether it is going against your friends or your family, you always do what you think is right, even if that adds to the tag of being rebellious. But, who cares?

Mere se panga lega?? Mere se?

6. You fight for whatever you think is right

You are a fighter. If you see something which is wrong in your eyes, you will neither support it nor let it happen. No wonder people come to you for help at such times.

7. Eve teasers on the streets get a good one from you

Jigar mein mat ja, Trigger daba dungi

You don't mind thrashing anyone on the roads for misbehaving with you. You simply are the 'lady don' of your group.

8. One dare not argue with you

No one can win an argument with you. You are hands-down the winner. ALWAYS. You know your arguments and most importantly, know how to put them forward.

9. You are the notorious one in your friend circle

Haalat dekhi hai Adrak hogaya hai, Yeh aadmi kahi se bhi badh raha hai.

All the mischiefs in the locality were once initiated as an idea in your brain because you simply love being naughty and risks drive you.

10. Restrictions are not your cup of tea

You don't believe in being restricted, you believe in breaking them all because freedom and independence are your key to functioning.

11. You do everything 'your way'

Either it is your way or no way. You do not submit to the ways others tell you to do something, you figure out your own path.

12. You are independent and also dependable

On one hand, you do not depend on anybody but at the same time, others can easily depend on you, for you have always been the tough one.

13. Nobody takes panga with you

Who would want to dig a grave for themselves? Taking panga with you is a big NO-NO!

14. A true example of 'girl power'

You are none of the vulnerable girly girls, you are the rough and tough laundi that gives a good power fight to guys, especially the ones who take you for granted for being a girl.

If you my friend relate to any of these points, much power to you for being daring and different. May your clan rise and shine!

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