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You Won't Believe, Camel Milk Cost Around Rs.3000/litre And Yes People Are Consuming It

Date: 2018-07-08 12:39:18

By Abhishek

The milk which we are talking about is not of a cow, but of a camel.

The demand for camel milk in India is mostly by raika and other desert communities and is partially less in other parts of India, but it is getting a huge love from the countries around the world. Because people in other countries consume camel milk which is benefitting the Indian milk market while exporting their products. The price can go up to Rs.3000/litre. Whereas in India, you can get the camel milk at a price of Rs. 300/litre(the prices may vary on the location).

The states which produce the camel milk and camel milk powder are; Rajasthan, Surat, Kutch, and Jaipur.


Thanks to e-commerce websites which is helping the most in boosting the Indian milk market globally.

Now the question which must be jumping in your mind is, WHY CAMEL MILK?? What makes it so expensive? What are camel milk benefits?

Well, the answer is, the milk helps in various medicinal purpose, it prevent diabetes, it also improves the immune system, stimulate circulation of blood easily, promote growth and development, and improve the heart health, although, as of now, no proper study has been made which can confirm all these benefits.

And also, Camel milk has more protein than cow's milk; the cholesterol in camel milk is lower than cow or goat milk. Camel milk is three times higher in vitamin C than cow's milk and 10 times higher in iron.

If I go into more technicalities, the camel milk does not contain A1 casein and lactoglobulin which is beneficial for those who have allergies with dairy products.


How much milk does a camel give in a day?

The Pakistani and Afghani camels generally produce the highest yields of milk which is up to 30 litres per day. The other breed which is a Bactrian camel, it can produce 5 litres per day and the dromedary breed of camel produces an average of 20 litres per day.


Where to buy camel milk? You can buy Camel milk powder from here.

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