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CBSE Cancel Class 10 Mathematics Re-examinaiton, A Big Relief For Students

Date: 2018-04-03 13:29:03

By Abhishek

After so much ado, CBSE officials gave the statement that they won't be re-conducting the class 10 mathematics exam.


Previously the officials took the decision of re-conducting the class 10 board exam. Many class 10 student got tensed about their decision and no one was happy.
However, keeping in mind of the best interest of the student, They gone through a meticulous analysis of the incident and checking the impact on the answersheets, they found that the leakage of paper has not impacted the exam.

After this incident, the officials had also announced, from now the examination centres will receive an encrypted softcopy of the question paper through email which they have to download and print it on their own.
Report from - Business Standard

It's a big chill out sign for all class 10 students(it was mathematics paper and we can feel the pain because we all have gone through that process). Nearly 16,38,428 students enrolled for class 10 exams.

Enjoy Tenthies!!

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