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Going to a college or had been to college?Here the bucket list you must do or you must have did

2017-11-21 14:46:02

By Danish Jaffery

Since when I was a kid the one dream that I had was to live THE COLLEGE LIFE!

Numerous wishes that I weaved in, watching all those movies on college life, not a single thing did I want to miss when I finally be in that phase. So, I sat back one day and listed down all the things that I must do when I'm finally living those days!

I can share some with you... We may do it together!

Explore the Place Around


It's the best you can do once you are there finally. A whole new place with a you having no freakin idea about the place. I'm telling you, just set out. Walk through narrow lanes, talk to strangers, capture some clicks and get a sip of the city.

Make A Diverse Group of Friends

Have no limit here!

I'm not asking you to open up your secrets to every person you meet but do make sure that one day when I talk of any random place, or a random genre or interest YOU DO HAVE ATLEAST ONE FRIEND TO MENTION!

You're gonna feed to someone else's list too. You gotta have a diverse group of friends!

Dump Your Comfort Zone

I understand all that shits like 'Mah life Mah rules!'

Trust me it's the dumbest thing you carry from high school to college. You're out there in a world and there's a shit lot of things out there. p>

Go get your list bigger. Don't just do what you already can do. Try new things. Make it happen!

Discover Your Passion

This one thing if you did in college and do dare to abide by it then my dear, you're gonna thank me in heavens!

Make a life yaar! What is that thing you love doing and can devote your life to!

Be Crazy About Series and Movies

This again is something where you can live a thousand lives and be in a hundred place and that just by sitting there in front of your laptop or phone screen.

You'll get the whole list of the best of such series. Get the collection. Watch them!

Watch them all!

And we'll talk!

Show Up in Club Activities

Now that you've discovered your passion, find the perfect platform for it and the clubs are the best way to do so!

There're gonna numerous clubs and I'm sure you'll find one for yourself.

Now when you get there Be Your Best!

Plan A Goa Trip and Well, Cancel It

This has to happen otherwise tumne college life ji hi nahi!

Step one: Pop up the idea.

Step two: Tell it to your friends.

Step three: Get all excited about it.

Step four: Now wait a bit.

Step five: There you go! It is cancelled already!

Get an Internship

This must must must happen!

You must know how it feels to earn even though a lil but still and that in your college days! Get this one in your passion. There are numerous options on the internet for 'work from home' opportunities.

Yaar dosto ko khilane k vaaste hi sahi, warna phir job hogi, paise honge, par kharch kaha karoge?

Participate in College Fests

This is gonna be fun!

Stay aware of the fests in yours and other institutions. Make a way there. Participate in some or the other event and I swear to God you'll love the ambience!

And that experience really lasts.

Ek Fight To Banti Hai!

Disclaimer: I do not intent to motivate you for this BUT

Do this! DO THIS! Otherwise What! What face will you show to your grandkid!

You don't wanna be that boring grandpa, right?

"Bulau kya apne bando ko?"

A Relationship Isn't That Bad an Idea!

Now after doing all this and have made up quite an apt personality you can try your luck here as well!

I mean, talking of those movies, there has to be a love story.

*Ishq wala love..*

Rule the Stage

Bang it on!

Get up there! Dance! Sing! Recite! Act! Host! Mimic! Try stand-up comedy! Be a part of a band or a dance group and Oh! the guys so go crazy for that!!!

The floodlights! A roaring crowd! A damn hot dress!

It's a totally different world up there on the stage.

Do this and I promise you'll thank yourself when you'd be on your death bed!

Make your college life one hell of a ride! Make it adventurous! Make it fun! Make it glamorous! Make it romantic! Because

wo din phir kabhi wapas nahi ayenge...

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