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10 Dark Secrets Of Online Dating.

Date: 2019-09-07 12:06:28

By Mansha

Dating is a phase where two people, who like each other, spends time together, tries to understand each other, show care without being selfish and together they try to build a meaningful relationship. A relationship of love, where there is no stepping back, but these all things are possible when two people meet and try to form a bonding for a lifetime.

But nowadays, there is a new type of dating which is online dating, where people meet through social media platforms.

Sounds interesting, right? But online dating has some dark secrets as well. One of such things is, there are no physical dates, but only online dates.

This time, I have come with the dark secrets of online dating, which no one would tell you. Don't count me as your enemy because I am not trying to pull you off from this idea. I am just trying to warn you.

You can never know the real behavior:

Nice behavior is when a person is polite, calm and sounds true while talking, but in online dating, you can never figure out the person's real mentality, as you don't see him or her physically to judge.


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If the liking is real:

When two people meet and see each other, it means they like each other as people and they are expecting things to move forward, but in online dating, you can never get to know if that person really likes you or whether they are just trying to pass their time by talking to you.


What if they are double dating:

Or talking to more than two people because you are not with them to see if they are fair towards a relationship that you both share.


Chances are they are just looking for a fling:

The process of online dating is way more different than the normal dating because here you have no strings attached. There is no pressure about making things better because you are not connecting mentally or physically and this increases the chance of them wanting a small fling.


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There can never be an emotional or physical bonding:

Emotional and physical bonding increases when a couple spends days together and nights full with sharing their secrets of life, but in online dating, it is more about being in the relationship for the sake of it. It is like dating without any love involves.


You just have a meaningless attachment:

Online dating is all about talking, talking and talking, because of which people tend to get attached, but that is meaningless and temporary attachment, which would fade away with time.


You can't figure about the person's expectations from the relationship:

Getting into the relationship is easy but maintaining the relationships is like, walking on the beautiful valley with rocks on the floor and to pass the valley, you should know the strategies to not step on the big rocks. In the same way, you should know the person's expectations from the relationship to make it work for a lifetime, but in online dating, you can't figure out because of lack of physical interaction.


Chances of a rebound are high:

Some people opt for online dating to move on from their previous relationship because they feel lonely about not being able to share things with anyone around and in this dilemma, they are forced to move towards the online dating to erase their loneliness.



Boredom would hit soon:

Because of the lack of interaction and bonding, people get bored soon from all the online dating phase, which obviously does not end well as it hurts when people dump you without any specific reason. So, if you are into online dating, be prepared for it.


There is no bright future:

Yes, don't get us wrong, but you are not in a real relationship. You have no feelings involved because of which, the relationship would hit the bottom soon.


Sorry guys for breaking your bubble, but we believe in showing the real mirror to our readers because we love them.


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