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Amazingly Funny And Emotional Bond Brother's Share With Sister's.

Date: 2018-02-18 14:43:04

By Abhishek

When i say i won't tell anyone, My sister doesn't count.

I thank god to give me the best gift ever!!
We fight, we smile
We again fight and we again smile, This is the bond we share with our sister/brother.
Since the day you got into this world and met each other, that day was the day of your happiness and excitement.

This bond is inseparable, whether you are on the other side of the globe and facing any mess, You need not worry because she will make up to you anyhow. That's why she is a Superwoman.

1. Sister's - The Dabangg

Whenever you are in a fight, she is the one who will come to the rescue, because you know you got her back in every situation and she also knows that you are a typical FATTU.

2. Girl crush secrets

She would be the first and the most important person to whom you will not hide anything, not even your crushes and In case any proposal comes, which I know is very rare but if it comes she will be in your top priority list to tell.

3. Boy to a girl in a blink of an eye?


I am sure this has happened to everyone and yes including me. Remember those days when you turned from a boy to a girl and all thanks to our sister's. And that day she got another sister for a couple of minutes or so.

But you cannot deny the fact that you too enjoyed being dolled up.

4. At a rescue mission

And can you recall that day when you wanted an iPhone or a car from your father and your jaws were all dropped inside your skeleton that how should you ask?? And there comes the entry of your sister(The Dabang) and she convince him in just 2 minutes??What?

And the last ending of every sister's is:-
"ledo papa iss bechare ko".
Aansu Agaye na yeh Dialogue sunke phir se?

5. Report card sign?

This is really badass sitch for every bhai's. How we used to get signature on that report card! Did you even remember?

6. Gift to girlfriend

The world knows, majority of the men's are bad at shopping and that to gifts?? Naa. Who would we call for shopping? SISTERR... She would find the best possible gift for your girlfriend and without any "Kanjoosi".

7. Bodyguard

Yes, you all must have acted as a bodyguard for your sister, so that no one can dare to even mess with her.
Evoke that moment when you used to walk beside her girl clique?(although you must be 10 -14 years old at that time when you used to do this, we used to feel like so responsible at that time, Right?)

8. Talking Talking.

We always share every single bit of secrets whether related to girlfriends/boyfriend's, school fights, bitching time and on and on and on.
The list is endless and so does our talks.

9. Sister = coaching center

Those days!! When she used to teach you that subject which haunts you day and night. There was 1000% percent chance that you will fail but still, she was always there for your rescue.

10. Money money money!!

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. M in her bank account, M in her Bank account."

Yes, she has and she will always be your banker madam, whenever you are short of money she will open her purse and she will give all her notes to you.

11. Tu kahi se laya gaya tha

No words to express this line, I understand your feelings,:-P because I was also honored to be the part of this line.

Isn't it amazing that how beautifully we all shared such a cute, happy, childish bond with our sister?
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