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Wanna Eat The Spiciest Burger, Death Wish? But Wait, You Have To Sign A Waiver Before Eating It.

Date: 2018-07-09 11:27:17

By Abhishek

If you say, you are a hardcore lover of spicy food, there are thousand percent chances that you will win my trust, and if you go way beyond saying that you can eat this Double-Decker Death Wish Burger... Bro I am warning you, it's not that cool which you will do in a snap of a finger.

Ok, now let me not spice up more and come straight to the point,

Burger Urge in Australia released a burger which is so damn chilly that you need to sign a waiver before you can send it to your tummy. The company is stating it to be the spiciest burger on the Australian land and they gave it the insane title to their hot new league, it's called 'Double Decker Death Wish'.

Giving a line of thought to try??

Ohh did I forgot to tell you that this burger is so hot that people are required to wear gloves and glasses!!


So where were we?? Still planning??

Actually, one more thing, Where is a waiver?? The entry gate to eat this hot burger is to sign a waiver in case something happens, in case!!

Don't worry, on standby you can have milkshakes to cool your hot tum.

The secret recipe is not secret and unquestionably it is not so regular.

The world's hottest chili, the Carolina Reaper, was combined into a Habenero chill mix, Trinidad Scorpion, which was augmented by Jalapenos and a concoction of Ghost Pepper Sauce', also Spicey Sanchez and Sriracha Spicey Chilli sauces. I hope you are you are Gucci with the brief introduction. Are you??


And finally, in the end, I would love to conclude to those people who have made this possible and ate the whole damn chilly burger, salute to you your ass and I pray for your next morning not to be so painful.

I can't wait to get these burgers in India after all everyone should have all the fun.

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