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The Delhi University Cut Off's - Is It Only For The One's Who Score Above 95%?

Date: 2018-06-20 13:23:23

By Vasundhara


"Mom, I scored a 97%!"
"You've done us so proud."


"I guess I might get into the fifth list of LSR."
"Beta, you should've studied harder, 97% is considered average in Delhi University."
Watching the Delhi University cut off list come out one by one is more stressful than sitting in the waiting room for a Dentist appointment. As all of you, may already know that the first cut off list has been released by D.U and innumerable parents and students are hustling around colleges waiting to take admission and those of who are unable to get admission here and don't even have the comfort of reservations to lean on are fighting for their place in Amity University.

Just to fill you in on the current status of the cut-offs, Lady Shri Ram College which also doubles as a UPSC coaching center has the highest cut off of the year, 98.75% for B.A Programme. Shri Ram College of Commerce has the second highest cut off of 98.50% for B.A Economics (H). Delhi College of Arts and Commerce has set the same cut off for B.A (H) Journalism.

If the above paragraph has made you depressed and annoyed, I have good news for you because you are the lucky ones. Our generation has to only tread the waters of 97% and 98% but the coming generations will have to score above a 100% in order to get admission in Delhi University.

YEAR 2025-

"The cut off for LSR this year is 105.4%"
"But the paper was out of 100, how could the cut off exceed 100."
"It's Delhi University mom, anything can happen."

Delhi University admissions have become like a bad Bollywood movie that even though we know when we go to the theatre and watch the film, we will be disappointed but we buy the ticket anyway. To be very honest, compared to the high cut-offs of each year the infrastructure, faculty and overall facilities don't always match up to the high numbers. But we have become like guinea pigs inside a never-ending circle who want to run aimlessly just because everyone else is too. We have this misconception that with a Delhi University degree in our hands we can conquer the world. I can hear the teachers of Delhi University laugh at us.

A student who wants to pursue his interest in music is unable to because his parents want him to get into a good college and for that he has to leave behind his ‘hobby' and start studying 10 hours a day and if that doesn't work, put him into 100 coaching classes till he crumbles under pressure. He finally gets into a good college but his ‘hobby' gets left behind in the shadows of his past and all that remains of him is a 21st-century machine who is fortunate enough to score a high paying nine to five job in the city. His ‘hobby' remains buried under the high cut off of Delhi University.

It is true to an extent that Delhi University is for people who score above 95% but it can't be said the same for life. In life, a 65% student can become the CEO of a company or a 70% student can become the next Indira Gandhi. Life treats a 95% and 50% student equally, your success is determined by how you treat life.

"Bachcha kabil bano, kabil...kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi."

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