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The Dutch PM Cleaning The Floor After Accidentally Spilling The Coffee Has Set An Example Of Simplicity

Date: 2018-06-07 12:54:17

By TabloidXO Writers

A viral video of Dutch PM Mark Rutte, cleaning the floor has been surfaced on the internet. PM Mark Rutte accidentally spilled his coffee on the floor while entering the Parliament. Without feeling shy and without seeing right and left, he took the mop from the near by cleaning staff and started cleaning the floor on its own.

In the video, Mark Rutte is seen walking inside the parliament and at the entry gates, he accidentally dropped his coffee cup and without wasting any time he took a mop and starts cleaning it on its own. People around him praised his etiquettes and his simplicity. Even the staff members came to cheer him up.

As the video got shared, people from the around the world started liking Mark Rutte as a kind human being.

It is not the first time people around the world loving PM Mark Rutte kind simple nature. Last year the Dutch PM Mark Rutte cycled his way to the Royal Palace to meet the king of Netherlands.

People want their ministers to be such a kind soul. Thank You PM Mark Rutte for showing us your lovely side.

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