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Every Friends Pet Dialogue You Will Hear This New Year 2023.

Date: 2022-11-30 18:12:29

By Erica

It's that time of life again where we bid goodbyes to the old self and welcome the new year with late night partying or a goodnight's sleep. We are so busy deciding what to do on the 31st night, we don't take notice of the little annoying and common things people do. You might not find it annoying but once you realize it is a cycle maybe then you will.

Why cycle?
Because it happens every single year.

I present to you a list of things people do every year when the realization hits that 2023 is right around the corner.

1. The "Send in your confessions Post"


Why? Why do you even care if people have something to say. It's a form of coercion to me. I saw a post like this on Instagram and even though I had nothing to confess about that girl who posted it, I felt like it wouldn't hurt to say something.

2.The "Kya pehnu yaar?"


You will hear girls say this from 1st December or maybe even earlier. They won't know where they are going until 31st morning, so it is even more crucial to keep an outfit ready.

3. "Kya plan hai?"


The boss of all. Agreed there are a billion things to do in the world and about thousand in your city. But you don't want to choose from thousand, do you? You want to consider a hundred activities and tourist locations the cities around you have to offer. You know very well that your wallet won't permit you to have that kind of fun.

But, who cares right? Plans banana ke paise Thodi Lagte hai

4. "Dear friends, 2017 has been...blah blah..."


Nobody cares unless you are thanking them for their existence. In simple words, if they are tagged, they care. Seriously! You had a wonderful year or a dreadful year, nobody is sitting there to read it. Unless you met a celebrity, you have every right to show off.

5.WhatsApp Incoming


WhatsApp forwards should officially qualify as one of the most dreadful things in the history of mankind. Every festival, every birthday, every anniversary-the App goes Ping! Piing!

Don't get me wrong, I love all these messages. What I hate is the family group and every other kind of group forwards.

Are bhai iss din to kum se kum phone karlo

I get it. You have a lot to be thankful for. Well, I don't really want to hear about it.

6. The "Bank balance low hai Bhai wale tears."


This happened to me. I clicked on links and loaded websites which splashed lists of events happening in Bangalore on 31st December. I'll be lying if I say that didn't make me sad. The rates were way above my head, even the cheapest ticket was like 3500. Might seem cheap to some, but I bet you to most it is not.

Don't organizers have hearts? Have they never 'been there'?

7. The *awwww* wale comments


Humara Pehla New Year hai. Together! *giggle*

Good for you. But don't make it a big deal. I mean, the new year will come again and I respect sentiments, emotions, and love of course. I'm not completely dead inside. But posting 12 pictures for every month of togetherness with your lover boy/girl and captioning them "First New Year With The Best!" is cliche".

8. Going crazy waiting for annual sales.


Some brands have annual sales. They are to die for, I suppose. I heard about this recently. Imagine the stress shopaholics undergo waiting for a sale just before 1st when they have to actually party on 31st. *Damn*, I feel bad for those guys.

2 minutes of silence for those.

9. The family commentary


I know, I know. This is not a once in a year thing and especially not reserved for the New Year. But for all the 'aalsi log', 'neendh ke baap', 'bhukkads' out there, I know just what you going to go through.

It's that time of the year when the shots are aimed right at the ego. Typical parent dialogues like,

"Iss saal bhi kuch nahi ukhada na?"
"Roti kaise banti hai? Ye Toh seekh leti." Ek pura saal tha
"Aur beta, naye saal ke kya plans? Khana, peena aur sona? Ya kuch kaam layak bhi karega?"

10. The 'another year wasted' wala realization.


"Bhai, ye saal bhi chala gaya"

I think there's a little bit of this guy in every one of us. We realize that bucket list we made in lying crumpled under the bed or behind the closet. The goals we wanted to achieve are left un-ticked. This is the down moment for all.

11. Weight loss offers


The weight loss offers at the end of the year are enticing. They are capable of convincing you that if you didn't lose weight this year, you have achieved nothing at all.

This is the time where on 1st January *Gym* are actually full *And* There comes the other day 2nd January where the games changes.

12. What's your resolution? Wale bande


There will be at least one person, at the most... no clue, who will ask you what is your resolution for the year? This is an incomplete question, you know. It actually goes like this, what's your resolution of the year which you have an intention of keeping.

Status aur hashtag ke liye bol de bhai."

So, what is your resolution for 2023? I am honestly curious. Tell us in the comments section below!

Happy New Year, lovely people!

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