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Father From MP Throws A Party To Motivate His Son Because He Failed His Class 10 Board Exam, Kudos To The Cool Dad!

Date: 2018-05-15 19:20:28

By TabloidXO Writers

After his son board exam was declared, Surendra Kumar Vyas, a resident of Shivaji ward, Bhopal threw a party for his son.
Well, the party was not thrown because he got a good result, instead, the party was thrown because his son got failed in his board exam.

Every parent knows how it feels for a child if he does not get a good score. In order to push him up and motivate him, he thought of throwing an impromptu party for his loving son.

Image for representation purpose

At the Impromptu party, his father invited the family members, friends and neighbours - all were gathered in large numbers. The party was lit, everything from firecrackers, sweets to a shamiyana.

Image for representation purpose
Image for representation purpose

Surendra Kumar Vyas, father said to TOI:

This is how I want to motivate my son. After failing in exams, children go into depression and some of them even take the extreme step of ending their lives. I want to tell such children that boards are not the last exams. There is much more to come in life".

He also added,

"My son can reappear in the exam again next year."

His son Ashu said, "I appreciate my father. I promise to study more in the next academic session to pass with excellent marks."

As a father, Surendra Kumar Vyas has truely has inspired many people, as the board exam results are approaching the corner, this inspirational story of a father will definitely leave a positive impression on the parents.

We wish Ashu all the very best for his future exams.

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