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Flying Veils Are Becoming The New Trend This Wedding Season. What Say Bride-to-be?

Date: 2018-04-04 23:15:31

By TabloidXO Writers

The Day Which A Girl Waits For, The Day With Tons Of Happiness, The Day Of Becoming A Proud Wife. The D-Day.
On that day, Brides are the exuberant being on the planet. From going on a dieting to giving ideas for their own wedding arrangements. And if I be more specific, the Bride entry idea is the hot topic among brides.

You want to make this day majestic and memorable, so you will go an extra inch to make your wedding none less than a Fairy Tale. So girls if your marriage is coming and you are thinking of something truly sublime, then you may spring to this latest trend, "Flying Veils".

Flying Veils trend is going crazy in Chinese weddings. The slow music is on the rocks, the bride standing on the dais, waiting for her veils to float and drop on her gracefully. It's such a WOW moment.

Watch The Video:

You can give this Flying Veils an Indian touch with this iconic entrance song in the background:
Din Shagna Da, Chadya, Aao Sakhiyon, Ni Veda, Sajiyaan..

(Note: Just take care of using a lite dupatta, Because we know how heavy our Indian Dupattas are.)

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