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10 Stupid And Funny Lies We All Have Said To Our Partners.

Date: 2017-12-08 14:50:15

By TabloidXO Writers

Relationships are cute!

A Popular Saying "Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first"

Yeah, and they may land you into trouble at times, but you are the only witness, how those little lies have covered it up.

Here is the list that you all will relate to if you were been in a relationship before.

1.Yeah! You look perfect!


Now, after applying makeup for 1 and a half hour, when you're already late she comes and asks you, "Baby how am I looking?"

Tell her she's looking perfect! It's better to take her out with half a kilo make up than to not take her out at all. Because believe me, that's gonna turn back to you only!

2.No, I don't watch GALAT FILME


Followed by an Amresh Puri laugh, "Hahhahha" in the background.

3.Yeah! I had lunch

She is such a pro in this!

I don't know what problem do they have with food but for sure they won't forget to be that foodie on Facebook!

"Baby, did you eat something?"
"Yeah yeah... I had lunch."

4.No, I don't smoke now


Yeah, and the sun rises in the west.

Dude, either you quit smoking or stop thinking of kissing her cause I've heard...

Girls too have got a taste and a nose! *phew*


This happens almost every other night and it is one of the cutest things.

You both are drained to sleep but you still have those silly little chats that keep on going even after texting goodnight.

*aww..choo chweet* Sojao Dono!!

6.I've almost reached

So, the time he gets up to go for a bath, to the time he has actually almost reached.


7.I'll be ready in 5 minutes


And just to make sure the girls score well to the previous lie, they have their own pitch ready!

Researchers prove that these five minutes have been proven to be the longest in the universe.

Meet! The inventors of the time machine!!

8.Yes, I have taken a bath

A face wash, a deo and wet hair! There you go, man!
You've already taken a bath.
Unless there is a possibility to dig deeper...

9.I don't even have his number

That guy whom she has friend zoned, but you know he's a jerk and would keep trying cheap sympathy seeking tricks to talk to her!

Yeah! You got it, right man. I'm talking about him. She still talks to him.

10.I want a break-up!

This is The Brahmastra!
And the best part is you never know when she isn't lying!
Fun haan??

11.No, I never talk to my ex

This time Babu bhaiya will throw upon you his lota!
'kabhiiii kabhiiii tere dil me...Ye khayal aata hai..
Ki pehla wala bhi utna kharab nai tha...!'
BTW I do that too.

Now the next time you both meet, you never know if he/she has read this article too. So with my deepest apologies for this EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE REPORT, I firmly believe that it's time to make new lies and recreate the balance in the universe.

Mera aashirvaad tumhare sath hai!
How many of you are fluent in these?
Tag that friend of yours and make him *Seedha*

This was just for funny purpose, Now apart from this, Have trust in each other guys and YOU BOTH WILL ROCK IT.

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