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Shocking Gap Between The Male & Female Cricketer Salary Shows We Are Nowhere Near Gender Equality

Date: 2018-03-08 14:44:34

By Abhishek

Gentleman's game or Gentlewoman's game??

Gone are the days when people used to say cricket is a gentleman's game, even women's are playing cricket sportingly and marvelously.

What?? Sorry, did I say something related to equality??

But, There is always a but in everything, there is something which might bother everyone too.
Wisden India recently posted the BCCI new contract value of male and female cricketers in India.
But after seeing this wide salary gap between male cricketers and female cricketers is really shocking.
So much Gender Inequality!! Like Seriously?

In Crores,

In Lacs,

Startling, right??

And one more unbelievable thing is, Even the lowest slab of male cricketers is much higher than the top slab of female cricketers.

Don't you guys feel that it is unfair?

The female cricketers do put great efforts, they also practice hard like every male cricketer does, then why there is so wide gap in their salaries?? Is this what we are setting an example on Gender Equality.

Its in General and for everyone on this planet:
We celebrate 'One Day' for the women's around the world but at the very next moment we behave like "Tu Kaun Mein Khamakhaa". It's 21 century people, open your heart and spread equality in every way possible.

After the list was out, Twitterati were all in support:





Gentleman's = GentleWoman's
Pay Equal, Be Equal

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