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This 18 Year Old Girl Priyanka Singha Beat Up 3 Men Who Were Harassing Her

Date: 2018-03-31 17:52:47

By Abhishek

I Bow Down To Every Woman Who Stands For Right And Retaliate For Wrong.
Spread Girl Power!!

We know the crime against women is on a rise in India. We hear plenty of cases where women were harassed by men. To fight against these goons many women's are mastering various techniques to handle these situations.

And this is what this 18 years old Priyanka Singha Roy did.

Class 12 student Priyanka gave an unforgettable lesson to those 3 men (Amit Sahani, Dip Mandal, and Bhaskar Mandal) who were harassing her on West Bengal streets.
Priyanka with her younger sister was going to a shop in Kamarpara, Sainthia municipality, and on her way she saw 3 men were passing lewd comments on her, and what was more shocking is, one guy allegedly caught her hand.

After all this, She warned those three men to go away from her. However she know how to handle scumbags like them,
After continuous lewd comments, they left her with no choice, but to beat them up.

After hearing brouhaha, many people including her mother came to the spot, and what they found was 3 men lying on the ground.

Did I pretermit to tell you that she is a Martial Art expert... Yeah, She is. We can imagine how tough she is and we are proud of Priyanka for showing her bravery. She is an inspiration to many.

Priyanka mother told Hindustan Times.

"My daughter is a keen student of martial arts. The youths were not aware of her skills. My daughter initially asked them to restrain themselves, but they paid no heed and continued with their lewd behaviour. Then she beat them up"

Happy Akshay Kumar also tweeted, Like many of us he felt proud too.

You are a tough girl!! All the best for your board exams.

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