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Ladies!! Your Boy Is Not A Big Fan Of Your Make-Up, Your Million Questions And Many More

Date: 2018-02-02 23:27:17

By Erica

Not all boys like a shiny girl. By shiny, I mean polished to perfection. Boys don't have confused heads where their likes and dislikes keep changing. They are straightforward once they understand the topic under discussion.
Boys love certain things about women in general. Yes, we all think men love a good body and women too. But it's not the case at all. It goes much deeper.

1. Lesser the makeup, the better.

Boys don't want a girl to coat her face in makeup and be unable to recognize her. Keep it light, girls.

2. A smile is the prettiest


Boys are suckers for smiles. A smile makes you look pretty at zero price.

3. The constant checkup


Guys love it when their girl or any girl check up on them. But a text every two minutes and a phone call when they don't reply will not go well with them. Everyone likes their space.

4. Why not me?


When a guy says he wants to go somewhere with his friends, let him go. Don't bombard him with questions like, why not me? I want to come too! Is it a secret for something else? Are you lying? Just cut it out with all the drama. Ask him once if you can tag along, but don't be a brat about it.

5. Jokes are all they know


A man is comfortable with a woman who can stomach jokes. If a girl takes offense to every little thing a boy says, that's the end of your days. Guys have a tendency to joke and make fun of little things like the pants you chose to wear, your hair. But they never mean to hurt unless they are saying it with that intention.

6. Hiding problems


If you tell a guy to share his problems, don't keep yours locked inside you. These kinds of conversations work two ways. You are not his therapist. Friends or lovers.

7. Don't confuse him


Don't say - I want to go. And a half an hour later - Never mind. I don't want to. It will frustrate anyone, not just men.

8. Beating around the bush


When it is about bigger things discuss it. Don't think he will understand without you saying a word.

9. Asking for gifts


This is wrong on all levels. You cannot force someone to give you a gift nor can you complain about it. No matter where and what your relationship is.

10. Comparison


Yes, boys care very little about things. But they have hearts. Hearts get hurt. Don't be a witch and tell him how useless he is compared to other guys you have seen, know and been with. No man wants to hear that.

11. Telling him how to drive


Never ever tell a guy how to drive. Just sit in the passenger seat and enjoy it. of course, if you think he is going too slow to too fast you can always say something about that. But do not be a commentator.

12. Insisting that you meet his parents


If it is a joke, okay. But don't push it. He knows his parents better than you. So don't wreck it.

13. Restrictions


No talking to any other girl,
No going out with your friends without me,
No shopping only for yourself.
No walking away when your parents call. I want to hear too.
These kinds of restrictions will destruct your friendship. Don't be glued to him. He needs space!

14. Demands


You'll be lucky if you find a guy who can put up with all the demands. But girls have a heart. He'll do what he can for you. Don't hand him a list.

15. Picking faults


Everybody knows they have flaws. Those who don't, probably have too many to acknowledge it. Doesn't mean you rub a finger in the wound and make it worse. Help him change for the better instead of acting like a critic.

So, ladies, I know these sound like real things but it is nice to know. I basically imparted some general knowledge and you are welcome. If you think I missed out anything, which I`m sure I did, feel free to drop a comment.

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